What is the true cost of health?

Sep 03, 2010

By Submitted by Ann Williams, BAT, CBP, Providence Village, TX, USA

Hello, my name is Ann Williams and I am an Advanced CBP and BT Access Trainer. I became familiar with BT in 2002 when a fellow massage therapist told me about her friend, Angela Adkins. She said, "You have to meet this person I know, who does this thing, I can't explain it or how it works, but I know it will help you. And I am going to learn how to do it." I made the call, had a session, had another session and signed up for my first class in January 2003. That was the beginning of a journey that I could not have predicted.

In my first session Angela took a health history and after reviewing it asked me what were my biggest priorities. That was an interesting question, one I had never been asked before by any health care provider. I immediately answered, the facial numbing on my left side that had been present for almost 2 years following a jaw reconstruction surgery. Next was persistent acne followed by elbow and knee pain from repetitive actions as a massage therapist. Those were the top three but did not even cover the list of other symptoms. Angela did the session, set a follow up and when she returned she asked how things were. I told her the numbing was still there, the acne was better and I had forgotten that the elbow and knee had been bothering me. This was enough for me to continue with sessions and training. During my first Module 1 and 2 class a practitioner did a session on me and my jaw issue was addressed. This was a miracle; I could feel my face for the first time in almost two years!

It's been eight years now and I live my life free of many of the symptoms that I use to experience daily. In 2008 I invited Todd Adkins to teach an Access class to some of my clients, about 25 attended. What I noticed after that class was how much better they were in between their regular sessions and how much more their sessions addressed. I wanted to be an Access Trainer but with my husband's travel schedule it didn't make sense. Then in May of 2009 my husband was laid off from his job of 11 years. This was the perfect opportunity to start training to be a BodyTalk Access Trainer.

As I was completing my BAT assignments in February I also had the task of doing our income taxes... this was the 'aha' moment that so supported the path to teaching Access. There is no doubt that BodyTalk changed our lives, personally and as a family. I wanted to know just how much money we spent on health care in 2009. Well we didn't have enough out of pocket to itemize, hmm must have had less health issues in 2009. I came up with less that $1,500.00 which included a crown (not covered) for my husband and two annual visits for well check ups. I wondered how this compared to 2001, the year before I started BodyTalk. I pulled our 2001 tax return and almost fell over.

Our out of pocket expenses that year included general medical, allergies, asthma, migraine headaches a couple wrist fractures, sleep issues, too many prescriptions to list and a few other therapies including chiropractic and massage, the total we could deduct was a staggering $10,200.00. I was in shock! I know that tapping out Access daily and getting regular BodyTalk is the key. We didn't change anything else but everything changed. We no longer have a list of diagnosis and no longer take more prescriptions than we can count on two hands. We may have an occasional cold or bump here or there. But we stop and tap and remind the body that it can heal itself effortlessly! I am enthusiastic about every session I facilitate or receive.

What does health cost? I don't know for sure, but in 2009 it was much cheaper than before BodyTalk came into our lives! It is wonderful to spend that money traveling and doing things that we weren't healthy enough to do before. Our health is priceless, and for us so is BodyTalk! My sincere appreciation to all of you that have tapped on my head and heart since 2002. Special thanks to John, Esther and all of the instructors that teach and research and allow me to live my best life. I look forward to seeing you in an Access class soon!!!

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