John is shifting Consciousness, or Consciousness is shifting John?

Sep 17, 2010

By John's visit to Calgary, Canada in September 2010

Written August 2010 by Olga Arsenyuk, CBI, CBP, Calgary, AB. Canada.

Update! Due to popular demand the room size for this talk has now been increased to accommodate more people.

This is the question I kept asking myself when I alone sold more then 80 tickets to John's Public Talk in less then 10 days! Ironically, I also gave somebody my last 3 tickets that I bought for my family members and myself. My clients were literally begging me, and I thought I would get the tickets for myself later. Now, as we are fully sold out I am afraid that my family members and myself might be detained by security for trying to "sneak" without a ticket.

Both myself as well as some other Practitioners/Instructors still have people on the wait list, and there are no tickets left. It is only August as I write this, and the talk is at the end of September! We are considering a change of venue here in Calgary to fit more people, and hope to accommodate those on the wait list wanting to listen to John. We better do this, or I might need to start begging my own clients to sell me the tickets they bought from me for 3 times the price. Also, we might have to hire extra security, as people might start climbing the walls or breaking in through the doors and windows.

John was in Calgary 4 years ago, and there certainly was interest, but we had some spare seats in the audience. Now, I have observed an interesting phenomena: all I had to say this time was: "John is coming to town", and people started to phone non-stop for tickets. Even more interesting was the fact, that many people did not know who John was, what is Body Talk, and sometimes, even what was the topic of the lecture. Regardless of that they sounded very exited and adamant, as their friends told them that they just "can not miss it".

With this excitement in Calgary I would like to honor all of our Calgary Matrix, both practitioners and instructors, as well as amazing strengthening and growth of our international Body Talk Matrix.

I trust everyone will join me as I say: "Thank you John from all of us for developing this amazing healing system" that truly leads the frontiers of Consciousness Medicine.

As I keep practicing Body Talk for many years now, I also keep observing how my clients' sessions are changing, and how even with the seemingly simple physical conditions we link into more global and deeper layers while we participate in and observe the global shift of consciousness on this planet.

Also, often times lately as a practitioner I do not "understand" some BodyTalk sessions, especially the non-agenda ones. (John always said it was a good thing). The sessions themselves also are changing: they seem to gain some sort of momentum, or inner acceleration, inner quality where quicker and more powerful effects on both my clients and myself occur.

I personally feel so blessed to be a part of this evolving consciousness phenomena that we call BodyTalk. I am truly proud to BELONG.

We are all very exited to see you in Calgary John. Just dress warm. A band and a guitar are optional, as the room is full anyways.

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