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Sep 17, 2010

By Submitted by Robin Chant, CBI, Brandon, MB, Canada

One of my students wrote about her experience using Fast Aid this summer. The changes in the person has made her really consider taking module 1&2 in the fall. Her is her experience...

About a year ago, I took an Access Course and have only used it on my self and a couple of friends until recently. For the first time, I used the Fast Aid on a construction worker and it totally amazed me. I have been told what Access could do; you never really believe it until you see it for your self. I have been asked by my teacher, who I am grateful for, to tell you this story and I would love to share.

My husband and I are building our own home. We hired two young men to help us with the basement. One of the young men cut himself with a utility knife on his left index finger. He came to me for a bandage. When I saw the finger it was gushing blood. I took him to our camper and ran his finger under cold water. Then he wrapped paper towels around it and applied pressure....

In my mind I thought this should work. When he took the pressure off the cut, blood would gush out again. I would have to say it looked like he had turn on a tap of water each time. He couldn't get it to stop bleeding. I remembered my teacher telling me that Fast Aid would clot blood. I thought for couple of seconds, if I should mention to this young man that I had Access and maybe able to help. I knew that many people were not open to energy work. But I also saw that the cut would not stop bleeding. I plunged in and told him that I had a course that might be able to stop the bleeding. It was called Access, working with energy. He did not even hesitate and said go ahead.

I gave him the First Aid as I remembered it; cortices, touch the cut, cortices, reciprocals, and cortices, tapping out each time. He was holding his left index finger with his other hand applying pressure, so I put one hand on his and my other hand on the reciprocal toe so that the energy would connect. While doing this I prayed that this would work and asked for the help of the higher power. I could tell that something was happening because I could feel the energy flowing. I remember thinking is this long enough and received thirty more seconds. I had a knowing when enough time had been given.

After the tapping out of the final cortices, we looked at his finger and it had stopped bleeding. In fact it looked like it had sealed itself together. I could then see the cut was about two inches long.

The young man told me that he knew the cut was deep because he didn't feel any pain when the knife cut him. He also mentioned that while I was doing the Fast Aid on him that he was concentrating on the injured finger. He said that he could feel something happening as he felt a few stabs of pain. He knew that the Fast Aid was helping. We bandage the cut up and he continued to work. Two days later, he showed me the wound and I could see that it was healing. As far as I know, the wound never reopened and he had no need to go for stitches. He was quite happy with the results of the Fast Aid and I was too.

I was glad that I had taken the Access Course and was able to help. We can all do amazing things if we have the knowledge and believe.

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