Think with the Heart; Love with the Mind

Oct 01, 2010

By Submitted by Tim Hall, CBP, LMT, CPT, RYT, CBP, Parama BP, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

I occasionally have conversations with people about the benefits of the IBA's 'Life Science' classes. A person might say, 'I know the class will help me, but how can it help my BodyTalk skills and practice?' When time and money is on a budget, I can understand how a practitioner may set aside attending BreakThrough for example, let alone FreeFall. I hope this short article helps identify them as a priority for you, regarding your personal life and professional practice.

One key principle in BodyTalk is that priorities are formulated and implemented. Although many items are questioned, only those that get a "Yes" are priorities and only they are filtered through as the formula which facilitates the shift in the physiology. If a formula consisted of "No's", at implementation nothing occurs. There is no power and the session was not constructive or beneficial.

Notice this parallel. Many thoughts stream through the mind. Some of them are verbalized and used to communicate. Sometimes we say things that are useless, draining and abusive. Other times we speak with a constructive and beneficial quality. The thoughts we entertain are refined into words and given power by the creativity inherent in the spoken word. The power therein, whether strong or weak, sooner or later facilitates our words into becoming actions.

In both cases, there is a process of refinement that governs what thoughts are "yes's" that become words (not unlike a formula), that then act as the main method of communication to the client, and our environment, that become beneficial, harmful or neutral actions.

The mind works in opposites. If there is a yes, there must be a no. Yes's and No's both flow thru the mind. The content of what we think, say and do indicates, more or less, what the mind is conscious of. The quality of our thoughts, words and actions indicates the condition of the heart. Just as how the mind can become rigid and cling lopsidedly to one side of the coin, the heart's ability to recognize the highest quality, or priority, in any moment or situation, can become distorted and is said to be covered.

Practically no one is without some rigid ideas and distortions which form what we call our personal hidden agendas. A common explanation given for ineffective formulas is that the practitioner is harboring an agenda. Systematically exploring the dynamics of agendas, perspectives and consciousness is a science. How it expresses in life, is an art. Take note of how often any of us complain, bicker, gossip, cavil or hate with our words. Is it any wonder our lives are also not more enjoyable? BodyTalk (Parama in particular) can unfold into the synergistic expression of the Life Sciences and shift from a practice, to an art.

It is evident that our own consciousness is a common denominator of the effectiveness of sessions (whether as a practitioner or client) and also of the quality and direction of our own lives. It is natural for the mind, heart and body to work as a single consciousness from the finest levels down to the behaviors of our dense physical bodies. Thoughts, words and actions are of the same stream of consciousness just as are our session's protocol, formulas and shifts.

The science of life unfolds as the art of living. For literally anyone who wants to improve the quality and direction their life is taking, or for any practitioner who believes his or her sessions could be more powerful and effective in any way, the IBA offers the Life Science classes. As I can attest to, in addition to giving and receiving sessions, the work of BreakThrough, MindScape and FreeFall has a direct and dramatic impact on all phases of life and practice. The modules and supplementary courses have their obvious value, and I have found that the Life Science matrix brings a unique energy capable of unlocking powerful depths of consciousness. This is not only liberating to the mind and nurturing for the heart, it unlocks the supremacy that is Parama.

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