Remember to Smell the Flowers...

Oct 01, 2010

By Submitted by Amanda Rollefstad, SrCBI, CBP,

As healthcare practitioners I would argue that there is an inclination for us to focus on problems AND solutions (they are one and the same in this scenario) instead of enjoying the moment we are in. In other words, we are always looking to fix things and because of that we are missing out on how great things really are; in this moment.

The nature of our work urges us to look at things from the perspective of what is 'wrong' versus what is 'right'. If we take our clients, for example, when they come in to see us we are always asking them about symptoms, aches, pains, etc. Yes we may also ask about improvements but let's be honest we have a tendency to focus on the problems, after all, that is what they came to us for. And then there is ourselves, we may have made leaps and bounds in our own healing and growth but once again falling back to thinking about 'what could be better', or 'what we could WORK on this time'.

So here is a gentle reminder to STOP and smell the flowers. Look at your life, your day, your clients, from a different perspective. Take a moment and have gratitude for the work you do for yourself. I was recently at my friend's wedding (who is also a BodyTalker) and as we were looking out onto the lake, with the sun setting in the background, beautiful music dancing around our ears, the scent of nature swirling around our noses, she said, as she took in a deep, cleansing breath "this is what we do ALL that work for." I chuckled to myself, knowing that she meant those weekly BodyTalk trades, the continual BreakThrough sessions, the daily Mindscape getaways, and the liberating Freefall exercises. Yup it all makes a difference, but the question is, "Are you taking the time to notice and enjoy your growth?"

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