Chantelle's Story

Oct 15, 2010

By Submitted by Chantelle Rodgers

How I found BodyTalk

My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant since we got married in 2005. I began to experience lower abdominal pain in 2006 that progressively got worse. I was sent to specialists and had laparoscopic surgery to find out if I had endometriosis and they found nothing was wrong. I was on Tylenol 3s for the pain, had a hard time working and was feeling depressed and hopeless. I was tired of being in pain and just wanted to get pregnant. My mother-in-law told me about BodyTalk, a treatment that cured her of her migraines. At that point, I would have tried ANYTHING. I called her practitioner and out of the blue, asked her if anyone could take this training. At the time, I was a computer programmer and lived a very left-brained life and was very skeptical when it came to things "out of the ordinary" but at the same time was very intrigued and secretly hoped there was something more to life than what we saw. I went for a BodyTalk session from Jerri Frantik in Prince Albert who had Modules 1 & 2 and was so interested that I wanted to try another. I drove to Saskatoon and had a session from Allison Costron and signed up for the Module 1 and 2 courses to find out what BodyTalk was all about. After Allison's session, I had 3 of the largest bowel movements I had ever had. I had suffered from constipation for years before that. The next morning, all my pain was gone. I lay in bed every morning expecting the pain to return but it never did. I took Modules 1 & 2 weeks later and was officially ADDICTED TO BODYTALK. The IBA really should warn people how addictive BodyTalk courses are!!!

After taking Modules 1 & 2, I immediately took Mindscape, Modules 4/7, and Module 3. I became certified two and a half months after taking my first course and started my BodyTalk practice in Prince Albert. We could not afford these expenses at the time. My poor husband was so supportive but so worried about how much money I was spending on traveling and training but the more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. Every time I took a new course, there were so many new techniques I could use during my sessions to work on clients. Not only that but from all the sessions I received during courses, I was seeing life in a whole new way and was changing daily physically, mentally and spiritually. I noticed this during the Mindscape course when I walked downstairs to come face to face with a former boss. This man was involved in criminal activity and I ended up quitting my job after a long battle trying to have him brought to justice. For years, I hated him and often thought about what I would like to say to him and how unfair life was etc etc etc. When I saw him that day, I smiled and left the building. I got in my car and thought, "that was weird, I feel nothing." It was like all the anger I used to feel towards him was just – GONE!!!

After taking Module 3, I needed to learn more about Consciousness. I became addicted to Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Loius Hay and other spiritual teachers. I was so fascinated with these "new" concepts and was drawn to create a workshop that I named, "Journey to Yourself – Self-awareness/meditation workshop". I thought that if I needed to learn more about these concepts, so would others and not everyone had the time to learn all the information from BodyTalk courses (although I highly recommend any and all BodyTalk System courses). Every time I teach the Journey to Yourself workshop, it is completely different because I am in a totally different place in my own self-awareness journey.

I continued on to take PaRama Unit 1 and PaRama 1 Practical with Dr John Veltheim, founder of BodyTalk in Edmonton in June. I remember the first time I saw John, I literally felt like I was meeting Oprah!!! After taking PaRama 1 Practical, I formed a PaRama swap group and began with PaRama practitioners from all over the world to work on each other – it has been so successful and allows me to have sessions on myself and family monthly – what more could you ask for???

I then took FreeFall with Kristy Kenny (and survived), the course I vowed I would NEVER take...Once again, this was the "best course ever" but that was starting to be redundant since I told family and friends that about EVERY course!!!

Image – Chantelle and Dr John Veltheim – PaRama Unit 1 June/07

How I finally got pregnant

I attended the IBA conference in Florida in August, 2007 and was fortunate enough to get a session from John Veltheim during BodyTalk Interactive. During the session, John worked on issues he found within my uterus, preventing me from getting pregnant. Anyone who knows BodyTalk knows that there were many other factors that were addressed during the session. I just knew that this session was going to help me get pregnant!!! When I returned home, I experienced the worst abdominal cramps I had ever had. I knew it was John's session working on my uterus.


After taking BodyTalk Interactive, I was so excited to use the PlantTalk techniques that we learned. I PlantTalked my garden and focused my attention on my sunflowers. My garden was absolutely amazing but my sunflowers were the MOST amazing. They grew to be over 14 1/2 feet tall. My mom had used the same seeds in her garden and hers barely reached 8 feet. I put the picture on Facebook and Cassandra Eames put the picture in the IBA newsletter and then it was also used for the BodyTalk Information Booklet.

Image – Chantelle and the 14 1/2 foot

I continued to take courses including Chinese Medicine for BodyTalkers, Module 6, Module 9, Body Chemistry Specifics and again, Mindscape. Every course and every session I had was absolutely fantastic and worked on my life on so many levels. Module9 was particularly amazing when I was chosen to have the constellation session done on my family. Every single thing that came up in the session has played out in real life, down to exact things that people said during the session – all I can really say about it is "WOW". With all the work that I was doing and that was being done, I eventually felt that I lost my attachment to "needing" to become pregnant and began to look into adoption. I accepted that maybe God meant for me to adopt a baby rather than have my own. Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I lost my attachment, I became pregnant in March, 2008. We were SOOOO excited!!!!

Chantelle getting a session from John (Florida/07) – agenda: pregnancy

I continued taking courses while I was pregnant, including BreakThrough, Advanced Mindscape, Sacred Geometry, Module 5, BreakThrough 2 and PaRama Unit 2 and Unit 2 Practical with John Veltheim. WOW, WOW, WOW is all I can really say about all these courses!!!!

Chantelle with Esther Veltheim, BreakThrough 2 instructor

Gestational Diabetes

With my first pregnancy, I became gestational diabetic. I had to take insulin daily to keep my blood sugar levels regular. I attended PaRama 2 Practical in Winnipeg in September, 2008 and had a session from John. The agenda of the session was my diabetes. He told me if I still needed insulin to contact him again and he would do a distance session for me when he was in Australia. I contacted him and he did the session for me and I immediately noticed that I no longer needed insulin. Even though I knew how amazing BodyTalk was, I was so amazed that I did not need insulin anymore. My doctor was even more amazed to say that least. She said that closer to your due date, you usually need more insulin and couldn't understand how this was possible.


I have always been afraid of pain and was feeling anxious about giving birth. During PaRama 2, John told me to set up search and retrieval programs on the fear I was feeling. I did this and it helped a lot. I had my friend, Christina Kennon ready to BodyTalk me over the phone for my delivery. On November 23 at 2:00 am, my contractions started and were immediately five minutes apart. My husband and I were not really in a hurry to get to the hospital because the pain wasn't that severe. I called Christina to ask her to Mindscape and see what was happening and she told me to get to the hospital asap. Thank God we listened because by the time we got there, my contractions were closer together and much more painful. She continued to text us and phone us throughout the entire process. It was funny because everything she told us, the nurses would argue and say it wasn't possible and me being too tired to argue would listen to the nurses – BIG mistake. They sent Corey home because they thought things were not happening and Christina said, "get him back, it is happening" and as soon as I hung up, my water broke! I did have an epidural because I still had some fear surrounding the childbirth. Before that, I just kept doing Cortices to the Uterus and Cortices to the contractions like Dr John suggested. The delivery went so well and was a very peaceful and relaxing experience. I gave birth to my beautiful little angel, Cruise Rodgers and fell in love immediately. I remember looking at my husband, Corey, and saying, "that was so easy, I could do it ten more times!"

BodyTalk and Post-partum Baby Blues

After having my son, I began to feel "off". Anyone experiencing baby blues knows that when you are experiencing it, you aren't aware of what is happening. I was feeling down and disconnected and was obsessively worrying about something bad happening to this new little angel. I finally made an appointment to see my doctor and he prescribed me antidepressants. I was relieved to find out what was wrong with me and thought the pills would help. Funny how things are so blurry when you are not in your right mind. My friend Christina knew that day that I was not feeling well and did a BodyTalk session for me. By the time I got home from the doctor, I felt like I had been carried out of a very thick fog. I did not take any medication and felt great after that!!!

BodyTalk and baby sleeping

When we brought my son home from the hospital, he would not sleep in his room. He literally screamed and screamed every time we put him in there but would be fine anywhere else. I did a BodyTalk session but as BodyTalkers know, it is hard not to be "attached" when doing sessions on your own family. I asked my friend Christina to do a session on him and after that, he slept like a little angel in that room. It was such a relief for us and for him I can imagine!!!

Christina Kennon and Cruise

My BodyTalk Journey Continued

When I was pregnant, I thought after having my son, I would take a break from courses and not work for six months or so. My friends, Allison Costron, Christina Kennon and Sherry Gilbert all laughed at me because they knew there was no way I could stay away from BodyTalk for that long – they were right. I started doing sessions for clients immediately but only part time and only when it fit my son's schedule. I also continued to take courses. I took BreakThrough with Allison Costron, Advanced Modules Integration with Sylvia Muiznieks and began my BodyTalk Access Trainer Training in May, 2009. Thanks to Allison, John Veltheim made a trip to teach in Saskatoon. I certainly could not pass up this opportunity. It was so exciting for me to have my husband and son meet John. We attended his public talk and I took BodyTalk Interactive again with him and then FreeFall 2. I couldn't even begin to describe my experience in FreeFall 2 but will say that I found John to be the most caring and inspirational person that I could ever imagine. Life was so different after leaving FreeFall 2. When I said goodbye to John, he gave me such a loving look and said, "Take care, mommy". Little did I know that after returning home from FreeFall 2, I would immediately became pregnant for the second time!!! It was much sooner than I would have chosen but we really aren't in control of these things and we were just so happy to be having another little angel like Cruise...How exciting!!!

Chantelle, Corey and Cruise with John Veltheim (Cruise is wearing his "I Heart BodyTalk" shirt)

Pregnancy #2

While I was pregnant with baby #2, I was able to co-ordinate a Mindscape course in Prince Albert. It was so nice to have a BodyTalk course held in Prince Albert. I also monitored Chinese Medicine for BodyTalkers with Dr Ka'imi Pilipovich and Module 6 with Sylvia Muiznieks. I also completed my BodyTalk Access Instructor Training. This was very exciting because now I was able to teach BodyTalk Access to clients!!!

During my second pregnancy, I experienced a lot of back pain and discomfort and treated myself daily using BodyTalk Access. My back pain would literally be gone by the time I finished Access. My stories can be read under the Testimonials section about Access and Fast Aid...I again started experiencing high blood sugar levels. I had a session done by Ka'imi during Chinese Medicine for BodyTalkers in October. My blood sugar levels were still high so I had an appointment to go to the doctor to be put on insulin. I taught an Access class and that night, I noticed my blood sugar levels normalized. I couldn't believe it. My blood sugar levels remained normal throughout my whole pregnancy. My doctor was very impressed and again surprised. I also only gained eight pounds during my whole pregnancy.

Chantelle getting a session from Ka'imi, Chinese Medicine for BodyTalkers instructor

Caprise's birth
On April 7th, I began having contractions. We went to the hospital to get checked out. The contractions remained irregular all day but I was dilated 4 cm. The nurses told me I would be having a baby that day and admitted me. I managed the pain of my contractions by focusing my attention to really feel the contraction as instructed by Ka'imi rather than avoiding the pain like we are all so inclined to do. My friend, Christina Kennon was again BodyTalking me over the phone during the day. She told Corey to push on my tailbone but I was too sore to listen until she finally insisted. As soon as he pushed on it, my water broke. I then had to go to the bathroom. When I was getting up from the toilet, I just felt a lot of pain. I asked Corey why it hurt so much (like he would really know). I started walking back to the bed and the baby started to come out. I was scared to sit down because I didn't know how far out she was. I basically got on the bed and pushed twice and there she was. My doctor was on her way out of the ward and literally had time to run to my room and catch baby!!! No epidural!!! I couldn't believe how easy it was and how different it felt this time. Again, we were in LOVE!!! And again, I was amazed at how BodyTalk helped with the delivery. After the delivery, I had a lot of tearing because the birth was so fast and had to have needles and stitches and even some stitches in areas that could not be frozen. Again, I used my breathing and Mindscape techniques and breathed into the pain – my doctor just kept saying how she couldn't believe how well I was dealing with the pain. To be honest, I was quite surprised myself since I have always been a bit of a wimp when it comes to pain!!

Caprise Lynne Rodgers April 7/2010

After having Caprise, I noticed that she was not sleeping well at all. She would fall asleep for a few minutes and then she would be wide awake. She also cried a lot from not being settled and being overtired. I had my friend, Allison Costron do a BodyTalk session on her and I immediately noticed a huge difference. She slept for almost two days straight after the session. After that, she began sleeping through the night and became a much more content baby.

When Caprise was four weeks old, we had a scare when Cruise, her big brother, choked on a piece of food and stopped breathing momentarily. He ended up being fine but I was an emotional mess. It was such a scary experience. I found myself worrying obsessively about one of my kids being hurt or dying. It was beginning to take over my days, making me feel so miserable. One night, I felt drawn to do BodyTalk sessions on my two kids (of course, not thinking I was the one in need of BodyTalk). During their sessions, it was like light-bulb moments for me when they were telling me in Mindscape to allow them to live their lives because me trying to control life was keeping me in hell and they needed to endure suffering through their lives to gain wisdom and clarity. Of course, these are all things I tell my own clients but find it so hard to accept myself. The next day, I literally felt like I was lifted out of this gray cloud. The world seemed so fresh and new and I felt like a new person. It is so amazing when we as practitioners feel the wonderful effects of BodyTalk. I truly believe the more healing we encounter, the more we are able to offer our own clients.

What changes I have seen

I have seen so many changes in my life since I found BodyTalk. Not only did I become pregnant twice and now have the two most beautiful and precious children (I am sure we all think our kids are the cutest and smartest in the world) but I have also noticed many changes in my physical, emotional and spiritual health along my journey. When I had my eyes checked, I found that I no longer needed to wear eyeglasses. My eyes went from being so far sighted that I needed progressive lenses to not needing to wear glasses at all. My eye doctor thought there was no way that he was looking at the proper file. I also notice that my headaches and migraines I used to experience are gone. My shoulder injury and hip pain have cleared up AND I am a nicer and happier person. I used to suffer from depression and anxiety and was judgemental, unhappy and bitter and I now feel truly happy and peaceful. I recently had another experience to show me how much my life has changed. I have been catching myself lately wanting to visit people and telling my husband how much fun it would be for his mom to stay with us for a few days and although this doesn't sound like a big deal, for me it is. I used to have so much anxiety about having people visit us. I would have panic attacks every time anyone would stay at our house. I was so uncomfortable, I just wanted to lock myself in my room or run away!!! It is funny because I remembered the other day how I used to feel and it is just another reminder of how BodyTalk literally transforms you into a new person.

I am so lucky to have this amazing system to use on myself and my family as well as over 800 clients that I have seen since March, 2007. I am so lucky to be able to work when I want and to see the amazing improvements in client health with every BodyTalk session. I am going to continue on my BodyTalk journey and am so anxious to be taking BodyTalk Treatment Intensive with Dr John Veltheim in September, 2010. I am fortunate to be having a session from John at this time but I will be sure to tell him that pregnancy is NOT an agenda this time (lol).

I just want to conclude by saying, "thank-you" to Dr John Veltheim for creating BodyTalk. I also want to thank God for my wonderful life, my wonderful children, my amazing husband and my extraordinary career. My life is so much better than I ever dreamed it could be. I realize now that God dreams bigger for you than you could ever dream for yourself. I wanted to become pregnant for years but I see now that I am a much better mother, wife, practitioner than I ever could have been before finding BodyTalk so yes, we need to have faith that life will happen for us the way it is meant to and enjoy the journey and live in a constant state of gratitude for what we have and acceptance for what we feel we don't have and we will continue to attract more true joy to ourselves!!!

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