John Veltheim's Canadian Tour- September 2010

Oct 29, 2010

By This autumn John Veltheim brought much excitement and buzz to the Canadian BodyTalk Communities of Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary.

From Vancouver

September was a busy month for BodyTalk in Vancouver. I had the great pleasure of coordinating for John while he was in our city. The last time he was in Vancouver was several years ago, so we were glad when John decided to make a stop here on his lecture tour. We had a great turnout for the Public Lecture, with 140 people at the Vancouver General Hospital Health Auditorium. Some people had heard about the talk through the CBP's in town, others had heard John speak on Conscious Living Radio and wanted to connect with the man himself. People were impressed by John's presentation, and signed up on the spot for his Finding Health Seminar. I was very proud of the work by local CBP's to pack the house!

Finding Health was excellent. We had 42 people attend this workshop, not bad for our growing matrix in Vancouver! I was personally pleased as punch, as some of the images in the manual had been showing up in sessions for the last 6 months but I wasn't totally sure what they were about. Several practitioners brought a family member or partner with them, and everyone that attended enjoyed the work. This goes to show that everyone can benefit from this course, not only practitioners. The workshop was inspiring and I know it created some deep interest for some future BodyTalkers.

The BodyTalk Treatment Intensive had 37 students. The sessions were powerful, and witnessing John work is always fascinating. My session unlocked my sacrum which has been jammed even before I was born. Not only am I free of the pain from my hip, but my perception of self has shifted dramatically now that I can really understand the meaning of support. I can be in support of myself. What a gift.

John also did a Matrix session for the Vancouver area, but it was not for Vancouver alone! The matrix formed across all of BC, and as far south as Seattle. The matrix feels very supportive now as new coordinators step forward in the Vancouver area, and we all work together to bring courses and growth to our community.

Karla Kadlec

From Toronto

What an incredibly busy September with John here AND with all the other workshops happening!

John's visit was exciting in that it stirred up the factors for change. His public talk sold out faster than for a Lady Gaga concert.
It was pleasant to see old time BodyTalker's there as well as a fresh enthusiastic crowd. I mentioned to John that a JV Annual Canadian Tour would be very beneficial to the Canadian flavor of BodyTalk.
Johns Finding Health and expanded concepts had people scrambling to access the resources he quoted.

The BT Treatment Intensive was a much focused group following John's journey through the links and it inspired the practitioners of the BodyTalk potential. We were all stuck to our seats. My personal journey had a crook shoulder – floating in WD40 ever since!

Cherie Carpenter and Gary Gingras

From Calgary

The Calgary Public Lecture attendance was outstanding with just over 350 tickets sold! We are pleased to report that some key participants were able to attend including representatives from The Centre of Addiction and Mental Health, and a few Professors and Directors from Mount Royal University. We had an excellent team of volunteers which included many of the local BodyTalk Practitioners as well as many 'out-of-Province' Practitioners from Saskatchewan and Manitoba. We want to give a special thanks to all those who helped us with all the advanced planning and implementation of the Lecture including: Lasha Watson, Chantel Karkut, Nicoel Boschman, Linda Hurkot, Mira Laprell-Elliot, Lisa Angotti, Cori Grieve, Julia Baumeister, Colleen Hyciek, Sylvia Muiznieks, Judi Selkirk, Beverly Lutz, Nancy Werner, Joel Rollefstad, Andrew Carter, Vilnis Muiznieks. There were also a significant number of people who stepped-up, last minute, on the day of the Lecture to lend an extra hand where needed; thanks to all of you as well.

After a wonderful presentation, and a 2 day BodyTalk Intensive, (where there were some huge shifts and changes with the newest work that John has been researching in genetics), we were off to Finding Health course. Although the majority of near 100 participants were BodyTalk Practitioners, we hosted a number of professional designations that correlated with the incredible movement here in Calgary. The content was extremely useful and applicable to anyone in health care, as well as anyone wanting to move forward within their own health dynamics. It was yet another paradigm shift, enabling participants to examine how awareness of individual consciousness is not just a good thing to do in life, but a necessity for growth.

It has created a tsunami of questions regarding our system, and a movement towards learning more within a variety of different venues that we look forward to sharing with you in the near future.

After the whirlwind of success we experienced all across Canada, it is our warmest wish for the movement to continue in various different areas around the world. Thanks to John and the IBA for everything, as always, it was a pleasure!

Amanda Rollefstad and Andrea Carter

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