Runners Up

Dec 24, 2010

The BodyTalk System is an effective health modality that offers a unique, individualized solution to both simple and complex diseases. This modality addresses all factors contributing to the disease (or symptoms) including all physical, mental, emotional, and environmental stressors thus allowing for true healing. BodyTalk recognizes the connection between the body and mind and how the conscious and unconscious habit patterns, thoughts, and attitudes restrict the body and affect disease. It is through the use of the body’s innate wisdom that we determine all the facets of disease and can then prioritize how, and when the problems should be addressed.

- Amanda Rollefstad : 100 Words

BodyTalk is a healthcare tool that taps into the body’s natural ability to heal and thrive. The BodyTalk practitioner uses a comprehensive system to help locate unique priorities and specific techniques that simply remind the body of its innate balance. BodyTalk works to relax the nervous system, release stored stress, and enhance communication both internally and within the larger family dynamic. BodyTalk is best used as preventative care, to help each individual adapt to changes and let go of deep-seated emotions and self-criticisms that affect our physiology.

- Katherine Taylor: 87 Words

Where science and the art of living life consciously meet, defines BodyTalk as a potential to every and each human being.

Life with BodyTalk brings awareness to help understand and heal issues that we carry for a long time. To see life long illness finally receive a new shed of light that promotes and incorporate all healing potential.

With BodyTalk, life feels more real. It promotes ease and simple links of all forms of healing that can interact as they do but now with conscious awareness.

Be Conscious Be BodyTalk.

- Marcio Ribeiro: 90 Words


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