Congratulations to Sylvia Muiznieks on becoming a Senior Mindscape Instructor

Jan 07, 2011

We congratulate Sylvia Muiznieks on achieving and graduating to the status of Senior Mindscape Instructor. Sylvia's teaching excellence and considerable experience in applying MindScape to clinical work, personal growth and a multitude of other areas made her an excellent candidate to become a Senior MindScape Instructor. Sylvia has seen hundreds of her adult students benefit from employing Mindscape techniques and she has designed a one-day Mindscape course for children aged 9 to 12. Since September 2003, she has taught Mindscape in Canada, Australia, England, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, Scotland, and South Africa. In her capacity as a Senior MindScape Instructor, Sylvia will be able to train new MindScape instructors.

Sylvia has had extensive experience in the complementary health field as a practitioner, educator and administrator. She learned BodyTalk from founder Dr. John Veltheim in 2000 and was amongst the first Certified BodyTalk Practitioners in North America (and later amongst the first Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioners in the world). She became a Certified BodyTalk Instructor in January 2002 and a Certified Mindscape Instructor in September 2003. In 2003, she was also appointed a Senior BodyTalk Instructor and was elected by her peers to the position of Junior Vice-President of the International BodyTalk Association (a position to which she was re-elected in 2005). In 2007, she switched roles to become the VP for Academic Studies and she became an Advanced Senior CBI.

Sylvia's passion for teaching, and ability to clearly explain concepts and demonstrate physical techniques, have been appreciated by many students over the years – ranging from the ballet and modern dance students she taught in her late teens to her present day BodyTalk and Mindscape students. In the past, she also taught advanced anatomy and physiology and massage technique courses in the Massage Therapy Certificate Program at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta.

Sylvia offers through distance education, three anatomy and physiology courses she developed specifically for BodyTalk Practitioners. Her Journey to the Magical Healing Place CD has proven to be beneficial to both clients and BodyTalk Practitioners. She also developed a Consciousness/BodyTalk Module 3 CD (available in English and German), wrote the BodyTalk System Module 5 Textbook (Lymphatic Drainage and Applied Anatomy & Physiology) and co-authored, with John Veltheim, The BodyTalk Access Training Manual. Most recently, she revised the BodyTalk Modules 6 and 9 manuals.

Thank you Sylvia for your contributions to the BodyTalk matrix and congratulations on your achievements.

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