What is the role of BreakThrough in the BodyTalk System family?

Feb 18, 2011

By Submitted by Tanja Hams, CBP, Currumbin, Australia

I took BreakThrough 1 in early May 2010 with Brenda Miller. She came out to Australia spontaneously to teach a little group of 11 students at the Gold Coast. This class led to Brenda teaching a BreakThrough 1 Steps Intensive, after the Practical, and another class for her in Gympie. Consequently, she now has many upcoming BreakThrough classes booked in a few different states of Australia in 2011.

So, why was I so keen to learn BreakThrough? Well, in the PaRama course, BreakThrough is mentioned a lot and I got really curious. I never had Steps done for me before, but was led to BreakThrough by reading and hearing about it. I also participated in a BreakThrough telephone seminar with Terryann Nikides and straight after it I had the chance to apply some of the insights it gave me with my husband. We had a little argument and I said to him that my behaviour was abusive and manipulative. Try it, and your partner will send you to the next available BreakThrough class for sure! ? Well, that basically happened in my case, and I also 'dragged' him along, which was all just a tiny bit manipulative and abusive.

Please note: one of the premise of BreakThrough is that when we overreact to another person it is only ever because they have catalysed a pre-existing trigger within us. Our overreaction is always (unconsciously) designed to convince the other, and often ourselves, that THEY are the one at fault. Hence, one of the Steps reveals that reactionary behaviour is always manipulative and always abusive, which in the above example with my husband, I could clearly see, after having taken part in the conference call.

I took the BreakThrough class with the hope that my life would get easier, that our relationship would improve, that the same conflicts which kept appearing in my life over and over and over again, would disappear. Mmmh, has that happened? Of course not ?.

The BreakThrough class seemed at first like a BreakDown class and I was quite in turmoil for several months afterwards, with many many more conflicts than ever before.

And the worst of it was, that with my newly gained knowledge, I couldn't blame anyone for it anymore ?, alas, even more turmoil, with my ego protesting and arching up…I was a walking conflict after the class, and with us having taken the class as a couple, also our relationship was 'on fire' and a bigger 'battlefield' than before, a more conscious one though ?. We had to find a new way to deal with our conflicts (with BreakThrough), as individuals and as a couple.

Let me explain what I mean by the conflicts seeming to increase after the course, so you don't get scared or turned off from learning BreakThrough ?.

I have shifted out of the pretty uncomfortable space, with my life still being very 'conflicty', but now, I see the conflicts through different eyes. I have come to truly understand that they are an essential part of our lives, which we need as a mechanism to gain wisdom. This is how it works: We recognise the conflict, embrace it, and then use our BreakThrough tools to expose the deep seated real cause for the conflict (never the other person, but our own unconscious beliefs!), we have thus gained self knowledge and wisdom from the conflict, we move on with more awareness and feeling more empowered – and then the next conflict, the next gift in disguise, is waiting for us already behind the next corner ?.

I have learned that we can't stop having conflict, especially in times of growth, and that if we would have no conflicts, we wouldn't be part of the manifestation process, as we can only be part of it if we keep moving from conflict to conflict. No conflict, no wisdom, no consciousness!
The beautiful gift that BreakThrough has given me is that I no longer fear or avoid conflict, but learn from, grow from and use it to expand my awareness. I try to also welcome disease/illness, as they are also just a conflict and there is a reason why they appear in our live. To achieve true healing, we can't just focus on the physical body, we have to have a paradigm shift, which every BreakThrough gives us.

BreakThrough is an essential part of the whole BodyTalk and Parama System, as it helps us to understand the healing nature of conflict, gives us a way to deal with it, and thus the possibility to experience true health (which also includes disease).

With the knowledge of BreakThrough, we have a clearer awareness, which flows into our sessions. We don't feel like we have to fix our clients or their conflicts anymore, and we are better able to help them on their path to self honesty and living life fully and consciously. True Empowerment means an ongoing awareness and sense of self, and with BreakThrough we have a great tool to achieve that.

Brenda lives her BreakThrough and I love her teaching, which comes straight from her heart. It was a joy to study with her and I look forward to her returning to Australia in March 2011.

I'm also very excited to take my first class with Esther Veltheim, the founder of the BreakThrough System. She is coming to the Gold Coast, Australia, in April to teach BreakThrough 2 and I can't wait to gain more insight into my reactions to life.

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