The FreeFall Approach To Understanding Human Sexuality

Mar 18, 2011

By Kristy Kenny B.A., CBI, Par.BP, CBI, BAT, BrTI, MSI, CBP, Parama BP (Kelowna, British Columbia)

This essay explores healthy sexuality and the integration of The Life Sciences. In particular it describes a comprehensive approach to personal growth, intimate relationships, and our vital health.

In my research I have found mainstream media takes one of two approaches in uncovering sexuality information. One approach is the medical model revealing sexual dysfunction issues. The other popular approach is pornography. While the two do contribute to the overall theme, there is an obvious split from a more holistic inclination; namely body-mind considerations.

Our failure to explore sexuality as a body-mind approach is obvious. We hear it in our language, we see it in our inhibitions and contracted bodies, the statistics show a divorce rate at 50%, and our health issues-reproductive and otherwise are paramount.

We have all met someone who seems so together, and has grown over the years to become wiser, more compassionate towards others, yet their sex lives are in shambles. Some teachers, gurus, religious figures will advocate sexuality is not important, but if love and sexuality is not integrated, an important element of intimacy is missing.

Sexual repression in body, mind and spirit shapes You.
Sexual conditioning starts early and is fundamentally inhibitory. Children are not supposed to be sexual or even talk about sex. They learn to hide sexual activity and link guilt and shame into their natural sexual development.
Despite substantial evidence that now exists to show that infants are sexual at birth, that toddlers enjoy stimulating their genitals, and juvenile sex play is natural development beginning in children as young as three or four years old. (Martinson, 1994)

This contributes to overwhelming a child who is experiencing and attempting to integrate excitement and arousal. Sadly, it initiates pleasure-resistance and chronic resentments that we all take into our adult relationships.

Whenever there are inhibitions in our sexual nature, patterns of fear, shame, guilt, detachment and separation get locked into a defensive reaction. That means whenever you might find yourself turned-on you are also likely to hold your breath, tense your body and let the tension of excitement trigger fear rather than pleasure and letting go. Instead of being present we disassociate.

This short circuits the nervous system-namely the kundalini system. Kundalini is required to be readily available for some 90% of our energy needs.

This diminishes our health and vitality. More importantly it seals us off from an important part of our human experience creating a barrier to a deeper sense of self.

This is endemic in our society. Yet alarmingly we ignore it.

FreeFall gives great attention to the seriousness of sexual pathology. FreeFall's aim is to put the body-mind back into sex. FreeFall's foundation integrates Chinese Medicine, Gestalt Therapy, Jungian Psychology, Bioenergetics, BreakThrough, MindScape and PaRama BodyTalk to support response-able living. Every participant of FreeFall holds the key to unlocking this dogmatic prison from the sins of the fathers and freeing their dynamic energies.

The FreeFall method is one which explores the truth of one's acceptance of where they are at and of what they are capable. FreeFall participants are encouraged to voice their inner observations as experienced rather than sharing an experience. When awareness of what is occurring inside the body is expressed, the participant can then develop a clear sense of the deeper emotions that impact their sexuality. At first we are addressing the sexual resistance and acknowledging the inner dialogue that accompanies it.
This sets up the conflict or tension so that we can accumulate knowledge about ourselves and then manifest it into wisdom.

This is why the FreeFall curriculum has presently, 3 levels – FreeFall 1, 2, & 3.

Freefall 1 helps us breakthrough the masking nature of the self-image and the restrictions it has over us.

FreeFall 2 challenges us to address the coping mechanisms which support our conditioning and distorts our body's unique expression.

FreeFall 3 shows us how to get in touch with pleasure and recognize how much we have mistrusted our sexual energy in all areas of our lives. This allows us to find our way into being fully human; aka- intimacy. The word "intimacy" comes from the Latin intimare, meaning "to press into, to make known. Intimacy is teamwork. FreeFall 3 takes a teamwork approach to support one and the other's growth in an experiential setting.

In conclusion, I hope I have clearly laid out the process of FreeFall and the importance of sexual energy. Whatever the problem is in your sexuality it is a blessing in disguise. They direct you to the wounds you need to heal, and the skills to learn to best deal with the stress and distress in your life. For further information please contact Kristy Kenny or visit our web site

Dare to Live. It is your birthright. FreeFall.

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