Consciousness Based Practice

Mar 18, 2011

By Tim Hall LMT, CPT, RYT, CBP, Parama BP (Scottsdale , Arizona)

I learned early on that more is better. That’s just obvious. If it is good give me more, so that it keeps getting better and better. Then one day I discovered that less is more. I lost something and discovered, much to my amazement, that a greater gain had come in its place. The more I lost the greater the gain.

Accumulation began feeling heavy. The less I had the lighter I felt. Without it being a conscious plan, the realization of an underlying principal slowly surfaced and affected more of my thinking and behavior.

In order to gain something, I had to initiate some action that would generate a particular response and return to me my goal, in whatever form. Since the goal was always something I didn’t have, great effort was used to work up the mental and physical energy necessary to accomplish the task. I believe in physics the term for expending energy to accomplish a task is called work.

And that is what life was, work. I worked hard at most things and accomplished quite a bit. I was successful in achieving results, which were the natural effect from the action I initiated. The harder I worked the more I gained. The results always came in time as the law dictates: action equals reaction.

What I did not realize was the ultimate futility of this approach. To gain more, I had to work harder. When doing BodyTalk sessions, even though I followed the method correctly, deep in my mind as a habit, my strong work ethic was working against me. Even though I knew better, my desire for results was goal-oriented and I expended energy and effort to accomplish the task.

How much work does nature use to grow a tree? How much effort is required for a beaver to build a dam? Although there may be some scientific measurement, the more useful answer is that not only is the work of nature effortless, it actually creates energy rather than expends it. In a dying universe, perhaps nature would exhaust itself. In an ever-expanding universe, perhaps nature would work in over-unity and produce increasing abundance at every turn.

A beaver may need to rest his body after a full day of chucking wood because he is in rhythm with the cycles of the ebb and flow of day and night. But how much effort did it take him to follow priority-based innate intelligence? Animals live a priority-based life instinctually but we humans can do it consciously, if we can get into the zone, so to speak.

This is the aspect of life that is untouched by action and reaction. Effort and work do not impact this particular facet of our being. It is the source of all energy and intelligence and it is called my many names, which aren’t important right now other than to know that it is the home of the guiding influence that we experience as priority-based innate intelligence.

Zero effort is required to follow priority and great effort is required to deviate from it. Effort, work, results and so forth all take place entirely within the realm of time-bound action of cause and effect. Prioritized existence is so well planned that it cannot be measured in terms of sequential cause and effect and, thus, it does not take place in time, space or action.

Can you imagine living a life of non-action? It would not be like sleep walking because sleep is a level of low action, or inaction. And since there is no corner of life untouched by movement and change, where is effortless non-action found? To ask that another way, can you imagine facilitating a BodyTalk session without any need for, or attention on results? Would that seem as dull and lifeless as sleeping through life? What would be the fun in doing a BodyTalk session if there were no results?

Can we be focused on infinite energy, innate intelligence and flow through limitless priorities “and” expect result? Can I live in the now and be caught up in my expectations about the future? I can’t go east if I’m going west. How well would the beaver get along if he stopped to question his progress and attempted to do it his own way? Yet somehow we humans have forgone our birthright as conscious creators of over-unity in exchange for the glory of occasionally accomplishing some little chore on our own.

Cause and effect, time and space, symptoms and results are all part of life, but they are secondary, and not the ultimate priority. We know that in BodyTalk, to achieve results we don’t focus on the symptom and we go straight to the cause. But could we go even deeper and cease to focus on cause and results entirely? Why bother with each result when the greatest symptom there is, is the efforting towards results. If we do less to gain more, could we do nothing and accomplish everything?

Results-based practice works within life but consciousness-based practice works on life as a whole. Life is the result and the more fully we can live it the healthier we are and that is the result beyond results. Consider this part of the subject for the last chapter dealing with results. For as it turns out, in life, priority consciousness and secondary results are not two.

The most successful practice in terms of gaining results by curing symptoms, no matter how impressive it may appear, is inferior to a consciousness-based practice that has completely lost interest in results. The gain is that life – all of life – harmonizes with the consciousness of the source of energy, intelligence and priority – and as we also like to simply say: communication, synchronization and balance.

I hope my point is obvious: if you have not already immersed yourself in the IBA life science courses such as BreakThrough, FreeFall and MindScape, can you be sure that the unlearning is well underway? Are you a practitioner who doesn't believe BreakThrough is worth your effort since you get such good results with BodyTalk? Hmmm, interesting. If optimal health were that obvious, would John be developing Finding Health 2?

BreakThrough in particular challenges what we know and don’t know and can appear as results that we could not have set as our goal no matter what. Not only is life priority-based, but BodyTalk is. Not only is BodyTalk priority-based, but the IBA’s course offerings are as well. Give importance to that which is important- it is wise to prioritize.

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