Holistic Health with Soren Ventegodt

Apr 15, 2011

By A personal account by Gudrun Wiedemann Reiki, NLP & Stress Management, CBP (Woking , Surrey)

Soren spoke at the European Conference in Munich, and was afterwards invited to teach his Holistic Health course in the UK and Ireland. I attended both courses and it was a profound and heart warming experience; every person was deeply touched by this work.

The testimonials from those courses say so much... and nothing.

As one participant put it: 'There is no thing to teach – and no thing to learn.'

Soren offers an experiential workshop where he facilitates participants to find something within – every BEING has – and many of us have forgotten.

I have been a BodyTalk client for 5 years, a CBP for nearly 4 years and have taken a long list of BodyTalk & Life Science courses. Each and everyone helped me grow as a person and practitioner. When I heard Soren speak in Munich, his message resonated with me instantly. I was part of a demonstration. In the 15 minutes Soren worked with me, my life changed.

In my heart I knew, this 'work' can be easily integrated into BodyTalk.

Now I experience less doing, less effort, more enjoyment and better quality of my work and in all aspects of my life.
I am really excited to see Soren present this course to a wider BodyTalk audience at the IBA Conference this summer.

My thanks and gratitude to John, for inviting Soren and his work into the BodyTalk matrix and into my life.

Gudrun Wiedemann

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