BodyTalk Access for Animals

Apr 29, 2011

By Alexa Linton BSc.Kinesiologist, Equine Sport Therapist, CBP (Cobble Hill , BC)

Ever had something that you felt like you were born to do? Perhaps it's BodyTalk or cooking or running or crocheting evening gowns. Well for me, that thing was working with animals. Growing up the suburbia that is Vancouver, Canada, my animals were my retreat. My parents spent many long years listening to my incessant whining before they finally gave in, granting me my wish for riding lessons. I was the kid that when asked what I was going to be when I grew up, I answered without hesitation, "a veterinarian." University awoke my passion for the intricacies of the human body, leading me into Kinesiology and all its facets of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. Then all of a sudden (well, 4 and half years later to be exact), my degree was coming to a close and the big question hung in the air....what next? Can't say exactly what propelled me, but something most definitely did, to apply at the BC College of Equine Sports Therapy. Unconventional? Definitely...

To say that the next 2 years spent becoming an Equine Sport Therapist were life-changing is probably an understatement. Suffice it to say that my understanding of horses, health and life in general was irrevocably changed! The person that emerged was fluent in the language of energy and understood and revered the inherrant connection between all things. I had, without a doubt, entered the rabbit hole, never to return.

The journey continued, an insatiable hunger developing in me for more knowledge and further deepening of this new understanding. Reiki, flower essences, crystals, EFT, sound healing, Touch for Health...all adding to my practice and my passion. My experience moved from horses to dogs to cats to goats to birds and finally to people.

Enter BodyTalk. Ever get the feeling you need to do something but it's not really in your comfort zone? That was how it was for me with working on people. I knew that by working on their people I would be improving the well-being of my animal clients. You couldn't pay me enough to massage a person, but if enough days have gone by without working on a horse, I would probably pay you to massage yours (I just miss them that much...can't get enough of that smell)! So, how to work with people in a way that made sense for me? You guessed it! This is when I met one of the loves of my life, BodyTalk. Right on time, of course.

So here I am, three and a half years later and, not surprisingly, over half my practice is people coming for BodyTalk. Most of them are animal owners (or at least fans) of course. And, my inner course junkie made sure I've taken all the modules and a few more. And that part of me that was born to work with animals? Well, she went out and got herself certified to teach BodyTalk Access for Animals.

So that's what I'm here to tell you all, in case you want to have some simple and amazing BodyTalk tools for the maintenance of the health of your animals or you know some folks that do. BodyTalk Access for Animals works on everything from mood and stress levels to dehydration and pain and provides easy access to BodyTalk for animal and owner. My animals love it and I'm sure yours will too. Besides, who couldn't use a bit more balance and harmony?

I figure it's just another great avenue to get BodyTalk out there and to open minds about animals and health and so much more. After all, someone very bright said "knowledge is power."

Happy learning to you all and looking forward to meeting you someday,

Alexa Linton

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