Life Management – Response-Ability –Life Sciences a (his-)story

Apr 29, 2011

By Claudia Schembri-Heitmann CAP, SrCBI, CBI, BAT, AdvSrCBI, MSI, CBP, Parama BP, AdvCBP (Wiggensbach, Germany)

Having recently spent some wonderful days with Kristy Kenny, VP for Life Sciences, I feel compelled to write about this special field within the IBA. In parallel, it describes also my personal story, history or journey. There are many names for this personal evolutionary process of (un-)learning.

Whoever has attended a Life Science Class with Kristy, has for sure heard one of the reasons why she decided to train within all of the three Life Science fields – MindScape, FreeFall, BreakThrough. What has helped her to become a better BodyTalk practitioner and alsoto enjoy Life (more) were mainly the experiences and personal shifts she had after attending, learning and embracing MindScape, BreakThrough and FreeFall in a multi-dimensional way. So that is what she wanted to be able to share with others, too.

I had never looked at this in this way, but I am in full support of this perspective BIG TIME. Some time ago, you could read my bio in the IBA newsletter. But for those who don't remember: I met John (and Esther) Veltheim back in 1993 in Malta. At that time, they were teaching "Life Management" classes (LM), with the subtitle of "Response Ability" or "being able to respond to life" (rather than react to life all the time).

There was LM 1, 2, 3 and later on 4. Over the years, we (our Maltese group) attended these classes over and over again. More layers to peel off, more pearls to discover, more reactions to process. A never-ending process, so it seems.

LM 1 is taught in two parts today: MindScape and BreakThrough. LM 2 is called FreeFall 1 and LM 3 is called FreeFall 2. All classes have evolved over the years as the individual matrixes have become stronger and stronger.
For me there were so many personal shifts and changes just alone through these experiences, that learning The BodyTalk System right from the beginning was just a bonus when it came to life in 1995. ?

A few years back, MS, Br and FF were joined back together within the Life Sciences in the IBA. I feel that "Life Sciences" fits much better, because for a lot of people the term "to manage life" has a strong affiliation with "to cope with life". And most of us know what this is about. I can only suggest to those of you who have not yet dived into the Life Sciences to do so as soon as you can. These classes are first and foremost for YOU. And secondly for anyone around you (including clients, family, friends, ...). Even though they will feel the shifts and changes, without having to attend the classes themselves.

I guess that is one of the reasons, why all of these three are in my life, too. I am teaching MindScape, I am training to teach FreeFall 1 and I used to teach BreakThrough 1, but right now I am on sabbatical. Thanks to Kristy my perspective has changed once again.

Namasté, Claudia Schembri-Heitmann

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