BodyTalk Access Course to be taught at Mount Royal University Fall of 2011!

May 13, 2011

By Andrea Carter, CBI, Calgary, Canada

It is with pleasure and delight that I sit and write this article. Today, May 12, 2011, years of work from John and Esther, as well as all members of the BodyTalk community, were recognized at the University level.

There have been so many hours clocked within our community, dedicated to the advancement of our system, that today I feel not only honored to have been a part of this, but also humbled by the work and commitment that everyone else involved has also given us. John and Esther I hope that your hearts glow with pride as you read this.

Over the past 3 years I have been privilidged to be a guest speaker at both Universities here in Calgary for the Nursing, Medical, and Complimentary and Alternative Medicine departments. Each year they have a few symposiums whereby complimentary medicine is emphasized. Each year I have spoken at these conferences and nourished the connections that I've made.

Last September, Amanda Rollefstad and I invited John to Calgary to give a public lecture and teach Finding Health. It was at this time that I decided to contact these connections and give them the opportunity to investigate the system via the words of the Founder. I put together packages and sent them to all of the Directors, Deans, Doctors, and Nurses I have ever spoken with. We had an incredible turn out, 300+ in attendance, and in that lecture, the right people were ready to hear what progress the BodyTalk system has made.

Mount Royal University is the leading Canadian University in Integrative Medicine. It has dedicated a full department to the investigation and education of the wholistic approach to the body, and we have just been accepted into their program to initially teach the Access course, with more to follow. Amanda Rollefstad and I will teach the first courses of Access this fall, October 22nd a full day course, and November 15th and 17th 2 evening courses.

Registration through Mount Royal University will be open June 15, 2011 and you can click here to link to the page:

In closing, I want to thank Amanda Rollefstad for helping me put together all of the requirements needed for this to happen. Our system is so fortunate to have Amanda as one of our Senior Instructors, and I am so grateful to have you as my partner. Together we still have many hours of fun to create our next advancements! John, thank you for withstanding the grueling schedule we put you through when you visited Calgary this past fall. As you can see, it was all very much worth it!

In warmth,
Andrea Carter
Certified MindScape & BodyTalk Instructor

Andrea Carter and Amanda Rollefstad

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