BodyTalk for Animals Update

May 13, 2011

By Ange Trenga-Anderson, CBI, ATI, BAT, BrTI, CBP, Parama BP

First, I'd like to apologize for such a long sabbatical from teaching and say that it is wonderful to be connecting with all of you again. As some of you may already know, Matt and I had a baby last year and my hands have been rather full. While I've really missed practicing, teaching and simply being in touch with my IBA friends and colleagues, spending this time with my son Logan has been such an incredible privilege and I feel very lucky to have been able to stay home with him. Already I feel the time is passing far too quickly, I realize those of you who are also parents can understand this!

This winter our family moved back to Missoula, Montana and it has been so wonderful to be back home. Logan is rapidly and happily adjusting to life as a Montana baby and has already been skiing, hiking and rafting. He is absolutely in adoration of horses, and so we feel this will be a great place for him to grow!

I'd really like to thank Heike Stelter and Loesje Jacobs who have continued to teach in my absence. Also, I would like to take this opportunity to formally introduce you to Alexa Linton, the newest member of our team. Alexa was graduated to teach BodyTalk Access for animals in January. Alexa began the process of training to teach with a wonderfully rich background in working with animals, and her experience with horses in particular is quite incredible. It was an absolute pleasure to train Alexa who has shown already to be a very dynamic teacher and passionate animal handler and healer. Please do be sure to check Alexa's schedule for upcoming BodyTalk Access for Animals seminars and attend if you are able.
My intention in writing this article is to update you on a few changes that have taken place as well as to inform you of future opportunities to study with me, or train to teach with me.

One of the most important updates is our change in logo and name for working with animals. It was brought to our attention that an organization in South Africa uses the copy written name of AnimalTalk. It was not possible for us to continue to market our work using that name in South Africa, and we felt that it was in our interest to be consistent with the name and logo we use, no matter where we teach and practice. Therefore, we are globally changing the name of our work to BodyTalk for Animals and BodyTalk Access for Animals. We have also updated our IBA official logo to reflect this change. I do realize that it will be a change for all of us, myself included, to adjust to this change in language and I sincerely apologize for that inconvenience. But, we would like to ask those of you who are offering BodyTalk sessions for animals professionally to please respect this change and update your website, business cards and literature in a timely manner. It will benefit you to do so as your clients will see consistent language in your materials and the IBA's. The new BodyTalk for Animals logo will be available in the downloadable section of the IBA website for those of you who are Practicing Members and have taken Module 8a. We will do our best to update our manuals, literature and marketing as soon as possible as well. We thank you so much for your understanding.

Next, I'd like to take a moment to remind you of the process to train to teach BodyTalk for Animals seminars. I realize there has been some confusion on this process in the past year, which is understandable considering that I have not had much presence in our community this past year! Though on sabbatical, I was still available to train new instructors as I did for Alexa Linton. And, I am still available to do so now. At this time, I am the only person with whom you can train to teach BodyTalk for Animals (Module 8a) or BodyTalk Access for Animals. I truly wish to see MANY more folks out there teaching BodyTalk Access for Animals. It is my hope and vision that some day we will have trainers all over the globe as we do for BodyTalk Access. I am available to train anyone to teach, regardless of where you live.

In order to apply to teach either course, you must demonstrate extensive experience in working with animals. This does mean that you must have more experience than simply having animals and loving them. As each course requires working with live animals, we need to ensure our instructors can handle this environment safely and professionally. If you do not have this background but wish to teach courses, please do feel free to contact me and I would be happy to help you brainstorm a plan of action to help you obtain the level of experience we require as prerequisite.

Recently, we have decided to offer training to teach BodyTalk Access for horses as a separate add on to the training process. What this means is that when applying to train to teach BodyTalk Access for Animals, you must demonstrate specific experience in handling horses if you wish to eventually teach the course for horses and their owners. If this is your goal, your training will include additional horse demonstration and handling assignments. (All current BodyTalk Access for Animals Instructors are approved to teach this course for dogs and cats as well as for horses). The good news is that this opens the door for many of you without horse experience to apply to teach the course for only dogs and cats.
I also hope to see more instructors teaching Module 8a soon. Please do remember that in order to apply to teach 8a you must already be a Module 1/2 Instructor. These requirements, as well as all of the other criteria, are covered in detail in the application to teach BodyTalk for Animals and BodyTalk Access for Animals documents available in download section of the website.

If you are potentially interested in training to teach either course, please do contact me. I will help you to assess your experience level and credentials as well as give you a sense of my training style and process. Should we decide that this is a good fit, I will be happy to assist you in officially submitting your application to the Review Committee. I do hope to see an increase in interest to teach these courses. It is a tremendous amount of fun, working with animals and owners is always such a rewarding experience. While I will begin teaching again soon, I will not travel to teach nearly as extensively as I did in the past. In order to increase the availability of these seminars, we truly need more of us out there teaching.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to those of you who have inquired about my seminars or invited me to teach this past year. I will offer my first 8a and BodyTalk Access for Animals this August here in Montana. I am happy to speak with you if you are interested in having me come to your local area to teach, but as I mentioned, my travel will be very limited now as staying close to home with my family is very much my priority. If you are interested in taking a BodyTalk for Animals course will me, I would like to eagerly invite you to visit Montana this August. There are few places more beautiful than Montana in the summer. You can make a retreat out of your trip by planning some extracurricular activities such as hiking, rafting or horse back riding or even visit Glacier or

Yellowstone while you are out here. And, if you are interested in training to teach 8a or BodyTalk Access for Animals, this would be a great opportunity to get your feet wet.

Otherwise, please do continue to check the schedules of all of our talented BodyTalk for Animals Instructors and get into a course that works for you.

Thank you to all of you who continue to offer this powerful work to animals and people and, as always, we welcome you share you experiences and stories on the forum and in our newsletter.

Take care and hope to see you in Florida at our Member's Conference !

Much love,

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