My year as a BodyTalk Access Trainer

May 27, 2011

By Eloise Ansell Coach, NLP Practitioner, BAT, CBP

So 2011 is here and I have been a BodyTalk Access Trainer (BAT) for a year! As it is the new year when we traditionally reflect on the past, I thought I would share my experience.

If you had told me 5 years ago if I would give up my senior management position in Change Management to be a 'health practitioner'... to spend my days talking about poo (come on we all have clients with digestive issues) and tapping people on the head... I would have laughed!

However, things change and I tend to change quickly when I see something which is of value to me and to others – so a few years ago I found myself giving up my job to become a BodyTalk practitioner. And I love it!

As someone once said "If you drive the same way to work for 25 years, and someone shows you a quicker route. How long does it take you to use the new one? It is instantaneous." Change can be instant, and BodyTalk'er' Practitioners get a glimpse of that every week in clinic. The moment I finally gave in and went to Modules 1&2 to learn BodyTalk I knew I was in the right place, and I have never looked back.

Weirdly my last role involved communication, people and change... and all of these are still key concepts I work with everyday!

The one thing I knew early on was that I would eventually be teaching BodyTalk and last February – after being blessed with snow which stopped me leaving the house – I graduated as a BAT and I was so excited to be joining the other UK and worldwide trainers to promote BodyTalk Access, and spread the word about this wonderful system.

This month the number of students taking Access will hit 26,000 people, with over 200 BATs teaching across 43 countries. An amazing achievement for everyone involved in BodyTalk, everyone plays their part, as it has grown purely through word of mouth since it was unveiled in 2005.

Having coordinated many Access classes over the last couple of years I felt I knew it all off by heart! When I started my training assignments I realised I still had work to do to connect to the material on the level I needed to teach it. They always say if you want to really learn something; teach it! It is true.

My first class was a packed out room in central London, including a reporter from a major UK newspaper and another BAT trainee – so no pressure!! Thankfully it went amazingly well and I had great feedback. Since then I have gone on to teach 9 classes and taught over 135 people these amazing tools; including a handful of children.

Every class is different and has little challenges from the hot weather trying to cook us, to the projector not working; thankfully all the participants have been a pleasure to teach. I always enjoy the day immensely.

Some classes we have little "miracles" and others have only minor shifts. One of my favourite cases was a women who had broken and smashed her wrists multiple times, she had been in pain for over 2 years. As her wrists were aggravated from the tapping so I used her to demonstrate Fast Aid (energetic First Aid technique). It wasn't until I finished and asked her how she was, she twisted her wrists and her mouth dropped open with the shock that the pain had gone. She emailed two days later, still bewildered that there was no pain. She definitely got her money's worth on the day ?

The thing I love most about Access is you never know what impact it will have on people's lives. I often get a bit emotional at the ends of classes as I wonder what they may do with it; what if they end up using this and saving a loved one's life? You never know when a loved one will need a helping hand after an accident or injury, and with these tools they are in a position where they can help. How empowering and amazing is that?

We never know what life will throw at us, and what is around the corner – for a start I never thought I would have 'BAT' at the end of my name! The tools taught in the Access class are powerful, and they can change lives.... not just to the participants, but to their friends, family and people they meet who have emergency health issues. It is the ripple effect – when I teach one person the Cortices it can impact so many other people's lives, which I find a real gift.

I am looking forward to 2011 and seeing how many more lives we can touch with the BodyTalk Access toolkit. If you have forgotten how powerful Access is, or want to find out... get yourself to a class!

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