My Personal Experience with BodyTalk

May 27, 2011

By Katherine Taylor CBP (San Francisco, CA)

I am a BodyTalk practitioner and became one because of the sessions I received as a client. Doing a session every week or two for about a year, my immunity improved and my chronic back pain started to shift and dissipate. But most importantly, I became aware of how my emotions were stuck in my body and how my life was being drained of life.

Studying for my BodyTalk certification I worked with a fellow student and received an amazing session revolving around my birth and my core beliefs. As we all know, the way in which we are birthed into being has a profound impact on our bodies and minds. I was born very premature and had a twin who survived only a day. I remember my birth and the feeling of sharing life with her. But I grew up feeling a major loss, fear for my own security, and a sort of desperate hopelessness that life was meaningless and too short.

Our session focused on my relationship with my twin in utero. I don't know how to explain what came into the session but it involved: my knowledge that she wasn't going to live, my clinging to my own loss, her feeling perfectly satisfied with the length of her life (as if the womb and our twinhood was enough), and my idea that life is limited. I left the session with a new idea: that her life had been fulfilled and my feelings of guilt for having survived and not yet fulfilling my destiny or whatever literally vanished.

Our ideas manifest in the physical realm and even my posture changed after that session. Guilt definitely is a contributor to pain but the emotion isn't bad; it simply needs to be recognized, allowed to move, and released. Working in the realm of the emotions is a fascinating challenge for me and I continue to strive for emotional honesty, integrity, and balance. Thank you to all the BodyTalkers who've helped me journey and unburden my heavy heart.

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