The Joy of Anger

Jun 10, 2011

By Amy Walls CPTS, CYFI, FNP, CBP (Regina, SK)

Anger is a natural emotion, one that unfortunately today we tend to suppress. The harm of suppressing anger is indeed a dangerous pathway to take. Anger is a healthy emotion; it is vital to move our body and is responsible for the flight/fight response. Suppressed anger can lead to fear and rage, and unnecessary stress. The stress of this kind of suppressed anger, (where we go into "coping") for 5 minutes could potentially be more dangerous to us than being in a car accident!

Anger needs to move, bottom line! Anger helps move other emotions as well. Very often we see fear being stuffed beneath that anger. So if Anger can help move other emotions, then our perception needs to shift of this emotion.

What would happen if you embraced your anger, listened to it, asked it why it's there? What if
the next time you felt yourself getting angry, and wanted to react (inwardly or outwardly), you just took
a second to breathe into it. Could you actually fully express anger in a healthy and vital way?

How can you express anger in a healthy and vital way? Remember anger needs to move, so what kind
of movement can you do to experience your anger? Don't think too hard, just feel. Do what comes
naturally to you. You just might surprise yourself.

Anger is a healthy emotion; there is nothing wrong with it. The only thing wrong is the attachment we have to anger and not being able to let it move through us. Why won't you let it move? What are you really holding on to? What is the fear that's holding you back?

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