From becomING to beING

Jul 08, 2011

This is a beautiful letter I received last week from Ingrid Jager. We have long had the byline 'from becoming to being', used to symbolize what BreakThrough is all about. But in her letter, Ingrid adds her own special slant to the words, along with some wonderful insights for us all, whether you've taken BreakThrough or not. Thank you so much, Ing.

Esther Veltheim

From becomING to being.

I love this sentence. (Also because in Dutch, Ing, is short for Ingrid and my Dutch friends mostly call me Ing. So this gives it an even stronger and personal meaning).

From becoming to being comes from a course that I did some years ago with The BodyTalkSystem Life Sciences, called BreakThrough, written by Esther Veltheim and taught to me by Terryann Nikides. BreaktTrough is not so much about accumulating new information, but primarily about UNLEARNING attitudes that cause mental inflexibility.

This workshop and Esther's book Beyond Concepts, The investigation of who you are not, helped me realize that what I had been doing while working on my self-growth and increasing my self-knowledge all these years, had been more about becoming a better person. I tried to become the perfect ING and forget that I already was ING! Ha! How liberating that insight was!

It meant that I could stop adding more layers, more coping tools, more masks to become a "perfect" version of myself, because I finally realized that I'm already perfect as I am, WITH all my imperfections! Because there is no good or bad. There just IS. I could start to let go of all the cumulated guilt about not being perfect enough, that kept me from really loving myself. I could finally start BE-ING, start DIS-covering the beautiful person that I already am. Slowly breaking through the layers that had been building up through the years through belief systems, ideas, attitudes, that had been (and still are) holding me back from who I really am, this certainly did bring a paradigm shift in perspective!

And be-ing is a work in progress! That's what makes it so beautiful and enjoyable. There is no end. There is nowhere to go. Who we really are, as Esther says, is beyond concepts. Shifting the question to Who are we not? has been one of the most beautiful shifts in my life. From trying to reach the (unreachable) goal of becoming perfect (whatever I thought that might be), I made the shift to enjoy the journey, in every moment, of uncovering. With that I opened the door to really start living life, and enjoying the here and now.
This week I've been thinking about how 'becoming to being' kind of equals 'from fixing to healing'; from controlling to allowing; from recovering to discovering; from drama to the bigger picture; from personal story to evolutionary story; from breakdown to breakthrough; from problem to evolutionary driver; from force to natural power; from fear to love, from conditional love to unconditional love......
Thank you for listening,

Love, Ing

From Beyond Concepts:

Conscience is the boxing ring
in which good and bad are pitted
against one another.
Guilt is the biased referee
we keep on the payroll to
mediate between our shoulds and
should nots and to ensure
that all fights are fixed
before they even begin.
Much love, Ingrid

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