Spanish BT ACCESS, one woman's dream becomes a reality for Many!

Jul 22, 2011

By Amy Freund, R.N., AdvCBP, CBI, BAT

A smile and laughter is universal, no matter which language you are speaking, and we had PLENTY of that in our first ever, BodyTalk ACCESS Bi-Lingual English/Spanish class held in Miami, Florida on Sunday, May 15, 2011!

"Persistence pays off" became a living breathing reality for one woman who never gave up on her dream to learn how to help herself and her family heal, through BodyTalk. Bertha Pichardo has been receiving BodyTalk sessions for over a year. Her daughters have been receiving sessions as well. Since her very first TAP, she has been wanting to learn how to do this, for herself and her family! She is a native of Nicaragua, living here in Miami for 22 years. Her many attempts to learn English have never manifested to the point of communication she desired, but, one thing she always knew and was able to say: "I want to learn BodyTalk!"

I learned about Bertha through her practitioner, Belkis Galainena, CBP. Belkis and I have worked together as "spokes" for the South Florida BodyTalk Association, for years. For over a year, now, Belkis has been telling me about Bertha and her dream. She told me Bertha works very hard and continues to put money aside, to learn BodyTalk. Each time Belkis and I talked about Bertha, we never got passed... "It's coming". Well, last April, the energy shifted, and we moved from "it's coming," to... it's coming here next month, in May!

The many meetings, exchanges of power points, translations and laughter led to the moment of Bertha's dream, coming true! I was excited to see the students begin to register and curious to find that all of the students who had registered in the beginning, were Bi-lingual themselves, except for Bertha! The biggest surprise was the influx of students as the class date neared who didn't speak any Spanish, at all!

At the last moment, due to the registration of English only students, I had to change my power point, again! I had originally taken out a lot of English as I thought it would be a great opportunity for ME to learn how to speak "BT ACCESS Spanish!" I put back the English in all of the slides, or so I thought. After the explanation of each of the techniques, I presented a slide that asked the question: ALGUNA PREGUNTA? (I accidentally left off the English: Are there any questions?) And proceeded to answer those questions that showed up. It was fun to do my best to interpret what was being asked, and then rely on Belkis to translate. It was also fun to attempt to answer in my best Spanish which included LOTS of body language! But NOTHING prepared me for the question that Brianna asked, after I taught and demonstrated the first group of the Reciprocals.

As before, I clicked on the slide that said ALGUNA PREGUNTA? And finally, Brianna, one of my English only students, raised her hand and asked out loud with a little bit of frustration and curiosity, "Why do you keep asking us if we are pregnant?" !!!!!! Needless to say, all language barriers were dropped as we came together, into the oneness of love and laughter!! With a few seconds of translation, Bertha joined us in the unity of the natural consciousness of the heart! I could not have asked for a better FIRST experience teaching a Bi-Lingual BT ACCESS class!

We laughed the rest of the day, especially every time the slide showed up! When it was time to pass out the graduation certificates, we gave an especially loud round of applause for Bertha, because it was HER dream that made our class a reality, and HER dream that got me in contact with the Editor of the largest Spanish only newspaper here in Miami, who now can't wait to take my next Bi-Lingual BT ACCESS class!

I thank Belkis for bringing me Bertha, and I thank Bertha for bringing BT ACCESS to the Spanish population in Miami, and I thank God for our universal language of life, which is joy and laughter. I can't even begin to imagine what is to come, as I am now following Bertha's new dream, to learn the full BodyTalk System, Modules 1 & 2! My first response, which is the same one I had for BT ACCESS in Spanish was NO.. I could never do that.. but Bertha keeps letting me know "it's coming" is no longer acceptable in her reality, and that she will be attending my FIRST BodyTalk System Modules 1 & 2 in Miami, soon! How soon? I guess I better ask Bertha for the answer to that question ?

Amy Freund, R.N., AdvCBP, CBI, BAT

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