Member Conference Reflections

Aug 19, 2011

By Submitted by Tim Hall

Dear Fellow Members,

The member's conference 2011 far exceeded my expectations. From a practical sense of world-wide accomplishments to a vibe of love in the air, the mind and heart of the IBA came together in time and space for one thoroughly enjoyed week. While we may all be one in consciousness, it is also nice to get together in person to exchange ideas, energies and lots of hugs.

The new textbook for BodyTalk Fundamentals is superb; I feel safe speaking for everyone when I say thank you to all who contributed and for our receiving the limited edition copy. It is very much appreciated.

We also heard testimonials from all around the globe about the exciting adventures of CBIs, CBPs and trainers as they enthusiastically spread the word.

While it is not my intention here to recap the whole conference, I am happy to mentions these highlights.

It is an exciting time to be part of this matrix and I encourage you all to plug in as much as possible. A great start would be making "Finding Health 2" a priority. As impressed as I always am with John, his Consciousness teaching has taken on a beautiful sense of simplicity and applicability. I hope to attend the next one, and probably every one of them that will come to North America!

A heart felt 'thank you' to the whole crew at the IBA. The parties, gifts, accommodations, beach time, organization, session trades, socializing and conference content is still fresh in my mind and I feel as though I'm still there.

It will be a long wait until 2013 so until then, I hope to befriend more and more of you as our little family grows and blossoms. The seed was planted long ago and the fruits will be ripe in due season. We all have a role and our continued efforts, performed in our own way, will bring a bountiful harvest. And I fully expect to see you all at the feast!

Until then, continue working the Field and if you get anywhere near Scottsdale AZ, give me a shout!

Tim Hall

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