Five Key Factors in delivering Successful Group Distance Healing

Aug 19, 2011

By Submitted by Lauren Brim

At this year's IBA conference the power of working as a group was very present. BodyTalk associations from all over the world presented their impressive accomplishments, the instructors performed powerful group sessions at the instructor's meeting, and John Veltheim did his traditional session to balance the IBA group matrix. Group work is something that we have all experienced in BodyTalk seminars, but it is not something that many do on a regular basis.

As a BodyTalk class coordinator, and the founder of the Southern California BodyTalk Association, I am very familiar with group healing work. In fact, I often tell students that some of the biggest shifts they will experience will be in the presence of a group. Not only does increasing the number of observers amplify the impact of the session on the individual, but the increased understanding of the group amplifies the results for all of the participants.

In March of this year, fellow practitioner and founder of the Northern California BodyTalk Association, Lisa Sullivan, and myself began to formally offer group distance work to provide the transformative power of BodyTalk and group healing to a wider audience. We were fortunate to be joined by Dr. Nancy Werner, Kristy Kenny, Karen Atkins, Lynn Teachworth and Angela Adkins for powerful distance healing sessions. We were amazed by our results, and were excited to share the possibilities of this type of group work with other practitioners. At this year's conference we shared Five Key Factors for Group Distance Healing during one of the many breakout sessions. We had a great turnout of more than fifty people, and discovered that many practitioners had been doing the same type of group distance work in different formats. Not only is group work very powerful, but it is also more affordable for clients. Working on a specific issue with a group, enables the participants to further their growth and understanding on that issue. Group work is a win-win for practitioner and client.

Below are five key factors for successful distance healing that we think will help you conduct your own group healing sessions. Be creative! You can conduct them in person, on the phone, or on the web. You can have themes around diseases, demographic groups, or personal growth. You can bring in your expertise to create a unique healing experience, facilitated by the wisdom of the BodyTalk System. We hope you'll read and implement these five key factors, and start conducting group healing sessions in your neighborhood, practice, or virtual community! The more of us that do this type of work, the more powerful it will be, and the more we can come together to create health and vitality with one another.

Five Key Factors in delivering Successful Group Distance Healing

1. Create a matrix. A matrix can be formed with any group of people, but it is especially strong when there is a common connection, interest or theme. The stronger the connection, the stronger the matrix. To form a matrix, set the parameters of the group, and ask innate for a theme. At Healing 4 Life Together we have focused agenda sessions, and we commonly address themes, so that all of our participants are committed to the same goal.

2. Create a connection. To tap into the collective awareness, you need a focusing tool. In the clinic you have a live person; distance work requires an alternative connection. You can use a photograph, location, phone connection, etc. At Healing 4 Life Together, we use personal health histories, photos, locations, and when available, we have the participants live on the call or web.

3. Create an environment. It's best to receive a session in a calm, distraction-free environment when the body can shift into the parasympathetic mode. When working on a group at a distance, it is best to ask them to create a distraction-free environment. Encourage them before the session starts to shut off any noise, remove themselves from distraction, and undo any tight clothing. It is helpful to begin the session by leading the group through the Cortices Technique, or through some deep breathing. At Healing 4 Life Together, we give our virtual clinic the same calm setting as our physical clinic. We talk participants through a settling in period at the start of the session with a calm voice, ask them to turn off electronics if possible, and to lie down.

4. Ground the session. In the clinic, clients receive the session through both auditory and sensory information. When relying on auditory information only, it is helpful to ground the session by asking them to focus on certain areas with hand positions and to have the participants perform the exaggerated breathing and tapping. At Healing 4 Life Together, we have the participants actively participate in the session, and do follow up activities or exercises throughout the week.

5. Ask for feedback. In the clinic you have many opportunities to sense what did and didn't shift for the client. In a group session you need to ask for feedback and provide a way for questions and insights to come in. This helps you to be the observer in the process of transformation for your participants. At Healing 4 Life Together, we have the group fill out three health assessments over a six week period to assess their progress, and we provide the opportunity for Q&A throughout not only the session, but the entire six week series.

If you have any questions about these key factors, or would like to hear the replay of a group healing session, please visit We look forward to hearing from you, and supporting you in incorporating this type of work into your practice, and making BodyTalk available in more homes around the world!

Lauren Brim, Adv. CBP, Parama, BAT

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