Aspiring Brain Academy

Sep 02, 2011

A Post MindScape Course Study Series

For years students have been asking for more support with MindScape, and we've been listening! We finally have a product to help you gain clarity, answer your questions, and support you in your development after the basic MindScape course is over.

If you want to learn how to use more of your MindScape workshop, and would you like to do it from the comfort of your own home, this study series is for you! Andrea Carter has created a 6 week study series, called Aspiring Brain Academy, which is 1.5 hours of lecture and MindScape experience time, per study session.

It is all done via webinar! You will see the powerpoint presentations and listen online, or if you don't have speakers that work, you watch the powerpoint while you listen via the telephone. It is easy and effective! If you can't make one of the 6 series, no problem! You can still click on the link and listen once that session has finished, and then experience at your leisure!

You will receive 9 IBA CEU's for the study series, and you will receive a certificate in the mail when the series is complete.

Here are the topics discussed for each study session:
Seminar #1
Fine Tune Your WorkShop
Develop your understanding and ability to use your guides
Guided Experience
Seminar #2
Release Blockages from Moving Forward
Re-write your sacred contract
Guided Experience
Seminar #3
Learn to Trust the Information You are Experiencing
Review Scanning Techniques
Guided Experience
Seminar #4
Increase Your Awareness in WorkShop and Reality
Guided Experience
Seminar #5
Understand Synchronicity and Symbols in Your Workshop and Life
Guided Experience
Seminar #6
Group Focus
1.5 hour session specific to group dynamics

This series is meant as a support for students after the basic MindScape course is complete. It does not cover content from the Advanced MindScape courses.

Reflections from Andrea:

I recognized a long time ago the need for support after the MindScape course is over. When I took my first MindScape course I didn't see anything! So after my first course, I felt as if I had not "done it right", because I couldn't "see". My husband who had also taken the course with me could see, which made it worse for me. What was I doing wrong? By nature, I am a stubborn person, so I hashed through my blocks, forcing myself to continue with it. I knew that my sense of sight was my weakest, and I knew, (because of my psychology degree and my continual studying of the brain), the way the brain worked was to always use the neural pathways that are easiest and most dominant. I had a basic understanding at that point, that I couldn't "see" not because I was doing something wrong, but because it wasn't my "natural dominant sense". I knew that if I kept at it, I could use this brilliant technique to change many aspects of my life.

After years of doing MindScape, and teaching MindScape and listening to my students after the course, I knew that I needed to take that stubbornness and put it to use!

It took me 2 years to "see", but over that time I still achieved brilliant results by using my tools in WorkShop in different ways. That's what this series really is about! It's the stuff I did that led to my success with my family, my business, and my sports."

The Aspiring Brain Academy was created to help students move through these initial post course blocks, to show students the many applications of their tools, and to encourage students to keep working with different facets of their WorkShop. Each student will have a chance to move through their own blocks. The mind is a powerful tool. Using these different MindScape tools in different applications can be the factor between success and failure.

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