Do You Live BodyTalk?

Sep 16, 2011

By Submitted by Tim Hall

Last night I dreamt I was on the Dr. Oz show, live, giving Oprah a BodyTalk session while Dr. Phil did the before and after orthopedic evaluation. I woke up screaming!

I know I'm not alone. This issue can afflict anyone at any time. Why do so many of us have such strong performance anxiety? And is it a problem to run away from, or a sign that Innate Wisdom is working out deep stresses leading us to a greater state of health and wellbeing?

If you were a runner and your cardiovascular was not functioning optimally, wouldn't you exercise it to clear out the, blocks and stresses before running your marathon? Can't we also accept responsibility for our present state of consciousness and work thru any blocks that arise as BodyTalk practitioners? If doubt, fear and misperception are the antithesis of the Zone and Innate, shouldn't our personal priority be to heal those blocked aspects within our own consciousness?

Maybe you are already confident with your work. Great! But maybe you could refine your personal poise and integrity even more. Could you give the session to Dr.Oz? Could you give one to John on stage at conference? And if you're not nervous about it, are you aware of any arrogance? Maybe you have clients who think the BodyGenics technique is strange, so it happens to never come up. Maybe you're afraid to speak up in class or ask a dumb question on the forum. Nervous about FreeFall? Stirred up by BreakThrough? The list goes on. This is none other than Innate Intelligence guiding your own life towards optimal health.

This type of healing requires a medium thru which to occur so that the internal conflict can surface and then integrate as wisdom. It has become obvious to me that what we can call 'performance anxiety' is common to many BodyTalkers. What I have also noticed is that this is not a sign of a real problem, an indication of personal failure, or even legitimate cause for embarrassment. This is the "conflict in action" that is inherent to BodyTalk, and it is what brings about healing. Consciousness is the basis for this healing. It is this natural process that we as practitioners can take advantage of. We can apply consciousness in practice.

I personally acknowledge that a few years ago I came down with a bad case where my own BodyTalk system appeared dis-eased similar to the runner's cardiovascular system. When giving sessions, speaking up in class, giving talks, being singled out, etc. ,my body would shake, my mind would shut down, and it felt like going into shock; it seemed hopeless. I did know that even though I was falling flat on my face regularly, I was at least facing the right direction when I pulled myself back up. It felt like a real problem and it took a lot of commitment to work through. Continued involvement with IBA Life Science courses, daily meditation, and dedication to receiving sessions for that very agenda, brought all that stress to the surface where it could be processed once and for all. Although the process is uncomfortable, to say the least, I wouldn't undo it for the world.

We can practice BodyTalk, and we can Live BodyTalk. Let's accept responsibility and be a conscious participant in the unfolding of our own consciousness – So go get a session for it! We can BodyTalk our BodyTalk issues the same way we would anything else. Stand face to face with life and demand to live it fully. Imagine how this could transform your life and business practice!

Those of you in PaRama, keep an eye out for next April's retreat information where "BodyTalk your BodyTalk" is the main theme – which might as well be called "BodyTalk your Life". If you are nerve racked about attending, then consider that as Innate's encouragement and open armed invitation. The time to start living is Now.

BodyTalk IS Health and exercising your BodyTalk is truly Finding Health.

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