Get in the Zone

Sep 30, 2011

By Submitted by Tim Hall

When you get into the Zone, doesn't it feel expansive? Normally when I get into something, I find myself in a smaller place, like a car or elevator. But the Zone feels like the universe is within it and within me.

Do I get into the Zone, or is the Zone in me? What if we said that the Zone is deep within and when we "go into it," it is more like we are bringing the Zone out from within?

Does BodyTalk work when you're not in the Zone? Well, it certainly works better when you are in it -- and the deeper the better. The quality of the Zone seems to correspond with the quality of the session. So when Innate Intelligence works its magic, it works in the Zone, and it appears to engage more as the Zone deepens. John sometimes talks about "levels of practice" and how deeper Zoning allows for more effective sessions. It would seem then that Innate Intelligence functions in and through the quality of the Zone.

We talk about the "client's Innate wisdom" and about "consulting Innate." Although we use those terms, we also know that Innate is not a thing somewhere outside of us that we're aiming to gain favor with. Innate intelligence is already intelligent. We don't need to make it more intelligent to be more effective. What we can do though, is get deeper into the Zone to expose more of Innate and therefore have more holistic sessions of greater impact.

So even though we talk of getting into the Zone, where is it? Are we getting into it or is it in us and we are letting it out? If it is "in" us, then it seems obvious that to deepen our Zoning abilities we would want to explore our "inner" nature.

Has it ever occurred to you to get BodyTalk sessions for yourself to enhance or deepen your own Zone potential? Or to delve into the Life Science courses to explore your inner nature? Has your agenda ever been to address the inside -- which amounts to bringing the already healthy inside out to the surface level? Has your agenda ever been to be able to work more non-agenda?

What if you could live in the deepest Zone possible 24-hours a day? Would you ever need to receive a BodyTalk session? Maybe, who knows, but it does seem obvious that your body and life at all levels would be functioning at a near optimal level of health and wellbeing. Innate Intelligence would be in full operation at the deepest and most superficial levels of body and mind.

Makes a person wonder, especially as CBPs, if we all wouldn't benefit greatly by receiving ongoing sessions where we address the health of Zoning, whether it pertains to us giving sessions (or even receiving session -- since it is equally valid to be in the Zone when receiving), but also in everyday life at all times.

This would merely be a simple shift in focus from the external nature of life's observable symptoms and conditions, to the inner aspect of the ever-present Zone. To be in a deep Zone is to give powerful BodyTalk sessions. To live in the Zone is to be a walking, talking non-stop BodyTalk session.

To give a truly non-agenda session is to live in the Zone. To work on the Zone is to work towards giving non-agenda sessions. Non-agenda sessions have the greatest impact for the client, inclusive of whatever their own personal agenda might be. So now, it becomes more obvious that to live BodyTalk for our own sake, and to become the best BodyTalk practitioner for the client's sake, is to prioritize and address the Inner. The first step down that road is to start accepting full responsibility.

"Accepting full responsibility" is a common phrase used in BreakThrough and a general theme for the Life Sciences courses, which specifically address the "Inside job." Doesn't it make sense to make the Inside job a priority since that is how the Zone deepens -- or should I say that the Zone surfaces -- to express itself as a powerful session.

With each step taken towards this end, the quality of BodyTalk sessions naturally shifts more and more towards being non-agenda, which again, directly corresponds to the inner nature, from the deepest Zone, which holistically influences the totality of the outer life of the client and all concerned.

Be all you can be. Be the Zone. Be BodyTalk. BE.

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