The Container Principle ala Namaste

Sep 30, 2011

By Part One in a Two Part Series Submitted by Kerry Forbes

There are numerous contexts and explanations of the 'Container Principle,' but our favourite interpretation most resembles that of the Shambala Buddhists:

"The container principle is the idea that the environment you establish or find yourself in informs your experience and can influence or even give rise to an outcome."

Namaste Nova is an environment that shapes and informs personal experiences and gives rise to miraculous outcomes.

How is the 'Container Principle' relevant to Namaste Nova? When a course of an intimate nature is held in conference-type facilities and hotels, participants leave the venue AND the energy that the group has manifested during the day. That energy disperses as people go their separate ways, and participants have to not only come together physically, but they also have to re-establish the energetic connection they all experienced the previous day.

A Namaste experience is a 360 degree immersion. Well-appointed dorm-style accommodations and a dining room that can host a crowd are just a couple of elements that combine to create Namaste's sacred container.

Something ineffable happens when like minds come together and stay together...

At Namaste Nova we are all heart space holders. Our small staff is dedicated to our own evolution and healing, which enables us to better facilitate the often colossal personal changes that our guests undergo.

This is a place where strangers converge with a common goal and feel safe to share their most personal selves with one another. We create a space of unconditional love, trust and community, "which ultimately gives rise to profound individual and group shifts". As one shifts so do the rest. Experience it for yourself.

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