John Veltheim Does Brazil Brilliantly

Oct 14, 2011

By Submitted by Juliana Lara Resende

"John Veltheim is coming to Brazil". That phrase by itself stirred much excitement in the entire Brazilian BodyTalk matrix. The matrix grows stronger each time we get to experience the energy and teachings of Dr. Veltheim. Over the last year we welcomed our first Portuguese-speaking instructor; in our capital alone, we had more then 200 students trained in BT Access and at least three well- recognized public hospitals across the country offered BodyTalk Access classes and BodyTalk sessions.

In September, Brazil was the place for BodyTalk. The Brazilians hosted JV for his last live Finding Health class. We also witnessed the Second Quantum Health and Quality of Life Symposium, which took place in the northeastern city of Recife, often referred to as a new port of entrance for world industry and knowledge. In the Seminar, Dr. John was a keynote speaker amongst 20 other top thinkers and scientists from all over the world. Presenters included Elizabeth Rausccher, Richard Amoroso, Amit Goswami and Uma Krishnamurty. Dr. Thornton Streeter, the founder of Streeter Biofield Sciences and a champion for non-invasive healing techniques, methods, and products, said about Dr. Veltheim, "?John Veltheim held the whole show together and personally looked after most of the other speakers with deep healing. That man is incredible."

Besides hearing of beautiful work being done, inspiring speeches, lessons for life and clinical practice, we had the opportunity to see The BodyTalk System being introduced to a 1500 person audience. It was incredible to witness 1500 people learn to tap out their cortices in unison. The feeling during those moments that we are all connected was so real. After Dr. Amit Goswami's referral to BodyTalk as "a system able to promote healing at true quantum levels," the lining up for free BT treatments took half the space of the large hall outside the auditorium.

So Dr. John's speech caught the attention of many, for sure. One of them was Lieutenant Arlindo Rossi, a physiotherapist and acupuncturist to the second largest hospital within the Brazilian military forces (Hospital Militar de Recife) where he runs a center for educating, researching and treating exclusively with Energy Medicine. Between one shot and another in front of the Army Jeeps, JV and Lieutenant started a promising relationship. The hospital will hire Cecília Magalhães, CBP, to offer regular BodyTalk sessions to the clients and will be hosting its second Access class on November 19th. A formal document approved in 2009 includes BodyTalk, Shiatsu, meditation, Reiki, Cromotherapy and other energy medicine systems as compulsory techniques to be implemented in the entire national territory by all army hospitals.

Thank you, John! The great work we have ahead of us is so exciting!

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