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Oct 28, 2011

By Submitted by Tim Hall, LMT, CPT, RYT,CBP, Parama BP

We hear that BodyTalk is "Consciousness-based Energy Medicine for Optimal Health." If "Consciousness is all," then why the distinction when we also say that "Everything is energy?" As an approach to health care, where is our priority in finding health?

If we have categorized BodyTalk as a dynamic energy healing system, was it not to distinguish the work as being more subtle than physical manipulation and safer than pharmaceutical medication? Working at the subtle energy level is less invasive and has a broader range of influence all the way down to the physical. Yet we've gone a step further to include Consciousness, which is more subtle than the subtlest energy and all-inclusive, whether subtle, dense or otherwise.

Energy is innate to physical matter. Nowhere can we find physical matter devoid of energy. Similarly, intelligence is innate to energy. Nowhere can we find energy devoid of intelligence. This Innate Intelligence (or simply "Innate") is beyond the range of energy similar to how energy is beyond the range of matter. Although on the one hand Innate, energy and matter are none other than each other, they are also unique and must be approached as such.

Energy is patterns of vibratory movement expressing levels of intelligence (coherence, beauty, knowledge), and Innate is non-active pervasive pure intelligence (wisdom, power, bliss) essential to Consciousness. Innate cannot be isolated nor made more or less intelligent – it IS intelligence. We can be conscious of varying energetic expressions of health or disease in the mind and body, but Innate is Consciousness itself and beyond measurement including any attempt at diagnosis whatsoever.

People often say they are naturally very intuitive and that they have always worked intuitively. I wonder -- are they intuitive enough to know that they could be more intuitive? BodyTalk is structured according to the principles of Consciousness that holistically influence all levels of body, mind, and life, energetic and physical. Working intuitively with the dynamics of Innate is to work as though Innate itself were doing the intuiting, and unless you're just plain arrogant, it is unlikely that anyone reading this would agree to being 100% intuitive always in all ways.

Some people may experience shame and discomfort around working at a level of intuition beyond their own level of intelligence. It is, however, more likely an indication that you are right on track and your sessions, which are beyond diagnosis, and are powerful beyond measure. Have you ever experienced doubt and insecurity creeping into a session? This may merely be a sign that you are intuitive enough to know that you are working at a level beyond your own intuitive knowledge and intelligence – and in fact, you may be working beyond any level of intuition capable of being perceived by us because Innate does not function at fragmented levels. There is not a person more intuitive than Innate itself and this is what allows each of us to continue to unfold what is already essentially our own Innate Consciousness.

Working with Innate, therefore, is to work beyond any personal level of intuition, even though it is through that intuition that Innate communes during a session. Although Innate cannot become more intuitive, each of us can culture our ability to appreciate Innate even though it is not otherwise obvious in any way. Since Innate is innately our own Consciousness, BodyTalk amounts to being an exploration into the appreciation of our own Self. As this non-obvious awareness becomes self-obvious, the separation that used to exist between our ever-doubting and ever-seeking level of intelligence and our Innate Self Consciousness gives way to the all-inclusive embracing love of Self.

Now, not even doubt, insecurities, pains, and problems can get us down because they are also expressions of Innate – and any message communicated by Innate Consciousness is worth getting exciting about. Love yourself; go easy; be gentle with your insecurities and see them for the fun that they are and the opportunity they provide. Laugh at yourself once in a while. Appreciate where you are and where you're going. Feel yourself worthy of communion with the Supreme Wisdom innate to Consciousness that pervades and supports all of Life – your Life! It isn't what's being said that matters so much – it's whether or not you are listening. This is the life worth living. This is the source of All, including health and well-being, so "Finding Health" begins and ends here – and that is the "Applied Consciousness" of BodyTalk.

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