Transcending Us

Nov 11, 2011

By Submitted by Laura Mitchell, CBP, BAT, Parama BP

An important facet in having shifts in our level of Consciousness and in being able to be in touch with our ego is our own willingness to do so. In a class like BreakThrough or Mindscape, we offer the mind a challenge in the form of a new paradigm, a puzzle or paradox. This is why people often leave Breakthrough and Mindscape realizing that they have seen into an up-until-now unnoticed corner of the subconscious mind. The feeling is often one of "Hooray!" while at the same time a feeling of "Wow. I cannot believe I thought that for all these years." or "Now I have a whole new chance at life." Some people feel out of breath and blown away as they realize there is so much more out there/in themselves that their eyes had not seen."

The BodyTalk System transcends typical healthcare in that it offers the body the ability to put the puzzle together in the correct order, rather than in an order based on pattern recognition, which is often the method of diagnosis used in western medicine. As practitioners when we've transcended or at least faced and observed our own fears and old belief systems we offer perfection in the priorities we balance and thus, better work for the person on our table.

"Live your life like a prayer," says Dr. David Hawkins. Are you being grateful, hopeful, and accepting the gifts and miracles the Universe offers us each day, even though they may not always look like gifts? And then there's the other way of saying this philosophy of Dr. Hawkin, and this one, if we can repeat it each day, will help us offer amazing results for our clients and transform our own lives, health and our practices. Hawkins writes, "a critical point in Consciousness that allows for major advancement is by accepting love and non-judgmental forgiveness as a lifestyle, exercising unconditional kindness to all persons, things, and events WITHOUT exception." (Power Versus Force, 238)

Living from this place and living to be of service to others at this level of surrender is likely to shift your ability as a healer. Science and healthcare techniques alone do not heal all of the things people have – addictions, severe illness, chronic pain, etc. What heals the toughest things is a powerful energy field of unconditional love. This field of magnanimous love is the best gift we can offer our clients. Dr. Mario Martinez speaks of magnanimous love because the use of unconditional love is often misconstrued. Magnanimous love is love that reveals generosity or nobility of mind. It's a non-egoic level kind of love. For a client, being in our presence alone can be a gift when we are on the spiritual journey of enlightenment and coming from love, kindness and forgiveness. Each individual has within him or her the expression of the infinite – the divine presence and each one of us can be the hope of humanity.

Dr. Soren Ventegodt inspired many of the IBA members at the 2011 Members' conference when he said – "become a million strong BodyTalkers in ten years". Soren also said, "If you cannot love your clients, tell them – I cannot help you". What's going to attract the rest of those million people? The answer is... A high vibrational level of Consciousness among current practitioners. Those practitioners will obviously love their clients. And of course, we'll love and accept ourselves first. Do people tell you that you have beautiful energy and that they love being around you? Why or why not? When you come from joy, kindness, love, and peace these words will be spoken to you often. Transcend yourself and find your Self.

Making it Happen
Visions like this are easy to say or write. How do we achieve this in our actual lives? There are many ways. Some of them are: Check out the Suggested Reading in this newsletter issue about I'm Sorry and I Love You. Forgive yourself for things you may have done when you were less evolved (and mean it). Use positive and beautiful thoughts and affirmations on a daily basis. Be committed to a daily meditation. These can be steps on the journey towards a transcendence over our stuck places and not-so-useful-anymore Belief Systems.

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