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Nov 11, 2011

By Submitted by Dorothy Friesen, BAT, CBP, Parama BP

BodyTalk and Cortices Introduced to Overseas Workers

Filipino BodyTalker Alan Along appeared recently on a talk show on The Filipino Channel (over two million subscribers) which targets Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) and their families in the Philippines. There are more than three million OFW's separated from their loved ones, husbands, wives and children, often for years at a time. Alan is well known for his work, supervising BodyTalk Access clinics for the Philippines' Alliance for Bases Clean-Up International and offering BodyTalk sessions in communities affected by toxic wastes left behind by former American military bases in the Philippines.

The main objective of the Filipino TV talk show that day was to teach OFWs to manage basic health issues like headaches and other stress related pains. A former Philippine Department of Health Secretary and a chronic pain management specialist were the other two guests. As you can tell from the pictures, Alan carried the day with the practical application of cortices that stressed-out Filipino workers in a foreign land could easily learn from the watching the program.

Alan reported that as he was demonstrating the cortices on himself, the staff members and crew of the show also followed the procedure, and they told him after the interview that the technique was very relaxing. That night a Filipino engineer in Saudi Arabia, sent a comment through Alan's facebook group that he suffers from sinusitis because of the sandstorms and now he'll do cortices regularly because it is so simple to apply.

Filipino overseas workers send more than $17 billion in remittances back to the Philippines annually. It's the largest foreign exchange earning industry in the country, and according to 2009 World Bank statistics this has saved the Philippines from suffering a deep recession. However, family and local community life in the Philippines is disrupted by so many skilled Filipinos working abroad.

The Access techniques will not only be useful to workers abroad, but to their families at home. The Philippine Organizing Committee is planning the next BodyTalk and Access classes for January and February of 2012.

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