Thank-you, John. This course was life-changing!

Dec 10, 2011

By Chantelle Rodgers, CBP, ParBP, BAT, MSI trainee

I cannot say enough about the Finding Health 1 DVD course. It was absolutely amazing. I am so excited by the amount of NEW information that it taught. I have no idea why but I was under the impression that it was very similar to BodyTalk Interactive and after having two small children thanks to BodyTalk, I had a hard time taking all the courses I wanted and I always put Finding Health on the back burner for that reason. I couldn't have been more wrong. It was FULL of so much new information – I can't believe I waited this long to take it!!! Thanks to John and the IBA for offering it as a DVD course, I was able to stay home with the kids and take the course while they were sleeping ?

I learned so much about what I am actually doing during BodyTalk sessions. I have taken over 20 BodyTalk System courses and feel that I have a lot of the knowledge but this course was wonderful to give me more awareness of what is really happening during a BodyTalk session. This will help enhance my sessions and also will help me explain what I am doing to clients as well as during information sessions to the public.

I feel that the content of this course really filled in the blanks for me. The information about cells, vibration and belief systems gave me extra awareness to what is being done during BodyTalk sessions. I always had a sense of the cell vibration and felt changes when I was doing sessions but I NOW understand what is happening and the changes that are truly being made.

I also learned a lot of new information regarding consciousness, intuition and insight that will not only change the way I do things but will add new awareness behind everything I do. This will certainly change the way I teach MindScape. I felt during my MindScape training that there was information that I needed to be a more effective trainer but just didn't have a full understanding of what it was and I feel now that I have that understanding and will be a much more effective instructor because of that "aha".

Chantelle & John- 2007

The section on Matrixes and how they work makes me look at my life in a new way and how making changes will truly effect every area of my life!!! I see now where I have been making critical errors in the ways I support myself and my clients and also many other areas of my life...

I appreciate what I learned about the beauty of conflict and the role it plays in our lives. It really makes me step back and open my awareness to the conflict in many areas of my life and gives me the realization that it is in fact wonderful to have and although I am sure I will never LOVE being in conflict but I will now have more curiosity and openness to why it is occurring. This information gave me a new insight into BreakThrough that I have recently started being passionate about again – I believe I fell away from using BreakThrough because of my own fear of conflict and I now have an added appreciation and excitement for this work!!!

I feel that since becoming a BodyTalk Practitioner, I always felt very insecure about my health and felt embarrassed when anyone in my family was ill because I should know how to heal them because I am a BodyTalker!!!! John made this so clear to me and now I realize that life is going to continue to send me ways in which to resolve conflict and my health is no different so rather than feeling upset by it now I will allow myself to learn from it!!!

I recently had a client on my table who was a very vocal skeptic. He scoffed and disagreed with everything I said about consciousness and belief systems. Last year, I would have been in tears and would have quickly ended the session and likely wouldn't have charged him. When it happened this time, I literally thought it was so funny and I was really surprised that someone didn't believe what I was saying. Rather than defending and arguing, I just continued with the session and smiled at him and told him that yes, I did believe what I was saying and maybe someday he would be interested to learn it as well in order to get lasting healing results. After taking Finding Health, I got an appreciation for the fact that me not getting upset and flustered means that I am now at the point where I believe in BodyTalk and it feels really good to not get triggered by skeptics anymore.

One thing that I was not expecting to get from John's course is parenting tips? Anyone who knows me knows that I had tried for years to get pregnant before finding BodyTalk. After becoming a BodyTalk Practitioner, I had a session from John during a course in Florida and soon became pregnant and had a wonderful baby boy. Interestingly enough, I took FreeFall 2 with John when my son was 6 months old and got pregnant right away. Of course it was a bit sooner than I expected but my daughter was another blessing in our lives, making our little family complete...Yes, Finding Health made me realize the importance of honesty and trust in relationships with yourself, others and your children, even with money. I have known parents who say their kids are "out of control" and "never listen" and I have always thought that following through with discipline is very important and after John's course I understand how and why honesty and trust are vital in all relationships. I would have answered John's question that I am an honest person until he broke it down and I now have insights into ways to improve the honesty and trust in ALL areas of my life. I was also so intrigued to understand how this directly affects levels of intuition. During MindScape instructor training, I have always focused on the aspect of TRUST in your intuition and I was given so many tools to use during Finding Health to truly develop intuition and insight that I will integrate into MindScape courses I teach.

Thank-you, John. This course was life-changing and I believe that every time I take the course, I will learn everything at deeper levels. It was amazing!!! I believe everyone could benefit from this course – it is a MUST for all BodyTalk Practitioners!!!

Order Finding Health: Mapping the Healing Process DVD here

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