Gopher Hole vs. Nudity

Dec 10, 2011

By Submitted by Lasha Watson CBP,RMT,Reiki M , CBI, BAT, FreeFall Instructor, CBI, BAT, CBP

Within our society many people live in constant fear. Living a life filled with many defenses, and much armor in hopes of protecting themselves from what they fear; life.
We spend so much of our time running and fearing what it is we want the most; a life filled with ease, pleasure, security, and freedom.

To explore this idea a little more, I am going to use an analogy and a visualizations to help express what I am saying.

Imagine a gopher enjoying a hot sunny day, running freely around the pasture, playing, eating, just enjoying life. Then along came a farmer with his tractor and scared this little gopher. It ran into its hole and buried himself so far down it was afraid to come out. The hole then got filled in with dirt and with time this spot became a junk yard with wood, nails and screws, barbwire, metal, etc.

Now from that analogy so far this is what we have done to ourselves. At one time in our life we have been scared, threatened, or perceived life to be dangerous. From that moment, we suppressed the whole incident of what ever it was and covered it up with as many layers of defenses and amour in hopes to feel safe.

As we carry all of theses layers and burdens without ever looking or listening to them they begin to wear us down, deplete the body, sucking the energy and life right out of us.

We have become so fearful of life, we have shut ourselves down like the little gopher in fear of getting hurt. As we collect all of theses defenses and wounds in life, we then try to disguise them with our clothing. We often wear clothing in hopes of hiding what we are really feeling and experiencing inside and we wear our clothing in such defensive state they too then become an additional layer that disrupts our ability to process and interact with life.

The question was posed to me "Why Fear Nudity?" as we continue this analogy, it will help explore why it is we fear this state of being.

Back to the little gopher buried in the hole with all of theses layer now piled on top of it.
Now this gopher has been in there for 20, 30 possible 40 years. Now begin to pull the layers away from the hole, removing all the wood, nails, barbwire, bricks, dirt and bring the gopher out. How do you feel the gopher would respond?

There are a lot of new things to re- introduce to the gopher, the bright hot sun, the breeze blowing across his body, the birds singing, the brightness with all the colors, fresh green grass to eat. Sounds like a perfect world. But this little gopher's senses are very sensitive to all these healthy, vibrant aspects of life yet very curious and familiar.

This is how it is for us once we begin to explore nudity, we break free and become aware of all the layers we have covered ourselves with, we begin to see the beauty life has to offer, food becomes more tasteful and enjoyable, we become more playful, and have the ability to breathe fresh air and are given a chance to embrace life again.

There is Fear amongst anything new we do, because it is unfamiliar. Once we find the courage within ourselves to explore what it is we fear. That place we feared then becomes familiar, and safe. We then gain wisdom, compassion and love. Nudity is our birth right and a place you can call home.

The more we allow ourselves out of our gopher hole and experience what else life has to offer, and the more often we explore it, the easier and more enjoyable it becomes.

Fearing nudity will only keep you living in the cold, damp, empty, isolated, restricted gopher hole. Being naked beneath our clothing allows us to live life from a place of lightness, pleasure, vulnerability, self honesty, and openness.

Life is filled with many choices. Do you want to live in a gofer hole?
If not, then allow yourself a chance to explore your nudity.

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