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Dec 10, 2011

By Submitted by Tracey Clark-Worrall AdvCBP, ParBP, CBI, BAT, BA

From October 27-30 I was thrilled to have the opportunity to host the first BodyTalk Fascial Balancing Level 1 class in Canada.

Thank you to Kerry D'Ambrogio for inspiring us all with an amazing new way to bring BodyTalk to a whole new dimension. The Fascial Balancing class brings anatomy to life and teaches us how all-encompassing and integral or fascial system is. When our fascia is holding tension, whether it be structural, emotional, or at the level of consciousness, function is altered. The techniques taught in this class give us the advantage over a strictly manual approach to fascial release as we have the ability to incorporate the tools of BodyTalk to identify the priority of release, as well as, the true nature of the barrier. Not only did we learn how to "take down the wall" but we learned how to determine why it was built in the first place.

The class was filled with a very excited group of students, most of whom were laypeople. It was incredible to see structural shifts and release of tension as we incorporated our new "off the body" balances of the fascial system combined with BodyTalk "mojo". We learned to identify, evaluate and release fascial tension from the superficial level all the way down to the muscles, bones, joints, and vital structures using incredibly simple, energetic techniques. Amazing!

Kerry's presentation of anatomy was so user-friendly and inspired us all to learn as much as we can about the body. I'm sure there will be a spike in the sales of Anatomy coloring books this week! This is a tool that we can all instantly incorporate in our practices. Can't wait!

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