What Good is a Fragmented Life?

Jan 20, 2012

By Tim Hall

"I am this organ called the Liver?" Or does the Liver say, "I am the whole body?" Or does the whole body say, "I am the Liver?" Do I say, "I am this person called Tim?" Or does Tim say, "I am life?" Or does life say, "I am Tim?"

Some days I feel like a Liver (or any such distinguishable body part). I feel like a Liver who needs to be linked to his neighboring organs or friends. Does the liver think that?  Does the Liver wonder why no one wants to play nice? It has its own waking and sleeping cycles, so does it wake up and complain: "I am the organ, named Liver, and I refuse to talk to the Stomach who clearly hates me?"

Am I a separate part of life in a similar way to how I believe the Liver is a separate organ? Although everything is related to everything, some things are more entangled and others less so. People have their different affinities, and we also similar affinities within organs, molecules, atoms and so on. If I have close friends and distant acquaintances, doesn't the Liver also have near and dear connections with certain organs, and less so with other body parts? As it appears in the outer world with other people, so it also appears inside my body and mind. What good is health when relationships are crumbling? What good are friends if you're too sick to get out of bed? What good is a fragmented life?

Is my body as fragmented as my life?  If my bodyparts need "linking," is that a reflection of my day-to-day consciousness of feeling like a wandering soul lost in this big scary world? Does my Liver cringe every time it has to send chemical messengers to the Gall Bladder? Do they pass each other in the hall gritting their teeth and without even making eye contact?

Whose life is this anyways? Am I living in life? Is the Liver living in the body? Does the Liver fight the Spleen for ownership of the body? Or are the liver and spleen equally the body? Am I Life itself?  Is the Liver any more or less valuable to the body than any other part? In a relative sense yes, but in another sense every part is essentially the body as is any other part. No part can claim to have a closer connection to the whole body. In normal life, is Tim any more or less a part of life than you, him or her? Each person has a relative value depending on context, time, place and circumstance. And simultaneously, all persons and beings of any kind are as much a part of life as life itself.

Through a fragmented consciousness life appears fragmented. Does the holistic consciousness of Innate Intelligence agree with our analysis that the body is fragmented and in need of repair? Or is it possible that Innate is showing us, the practitioner, where we are in consciousness? If Innate shows us a fragmented broken body, maybe we are looking at life through a fragmented consciousness? Maybe that misperception is what Innate finds to be the Real Priority!

Can Consciousness include apparent problems which are apparently solved? Can it be so perfect as to make mistakes which would have been mistakes not to have made? In other words, how can Innate Intelligence be dumb enough to get us into so much trouble? Maybe it isn't, because we aren't. 

Maybe nothing is wrong other than a simple misperception? What if problems only appear as problems? Are we to do nothing and dismiss problems and pretend mistakes are fun to make? Not at all.  Apparent problems require apparent solutions and through them we can shift out of our apparently fragmented consciousness. Fortunately for us there is no shortage of apparent disease to work with to thoroughly understand the fallacy of that perception.

Does BodyTalk facilitate a consciousness-based shift in perspective or are we playing pretend? Nothing benefits the health of humanity more than a single individual striving for holistic consciousness.

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