My BreakThrough Experience

Mar 02, 2012

By Katherine Sellery

I didn't really know what I was getting into when I went to my first Breakthrough course.  Now that I have attended the class 12 times I can still say each and every time I never know what I am getting into!  I LOVE BreakThrough, it's like getting a deep tissue massage from the inside out.   
In Oct of 2008 I went to the first Breakthrough class offered in Hong Kong.  I had to laugh when I read Terryann's article recently on the website because I knew she was referring to me when she mentioned, "in another class two students, who were teachers of another course, brought out the heavy artillery to prove they were right" well, that was me!  In fact I almost killed her that weekend I was so dense and defensive.  God bless her for not throwing up her hands and giving up on me as a lost cause.
I remember it all so vividly.  Of course my name was the first one drawn from the hat.  My story was about a rift that had developed between my oldest friend in Hong Kong and me.  We hadn't spoken for 3 years.  She was the kind of friend I would have taken a bullet for; the type you entrust with your children when you go out of town; the first call you make when your heart is breaking or when the world looks perfect and you just want to share the joy.  I loved her to pieces, and yet the unimaginable had occurred; we hadn't spoken for three years AND it didn't matter how much I loved her, there was no way to get beyond the rift.  Every time I had picked up the phone to mend the fence, words weren't there for me and I put it back down again.
Through the magic of BreakThrough and Terryann's talented hands she maneuvered me through the Steps, slaying all my defenses and self righteousness, and I got to the point where I could see this entire story from a perspective I had never had before.  The next day I was at the grocery store and LITERALLY ran into my friend in the vegetable section.    She told me how much she missed me and wanted to know if we could get together.  If I hadn't done this work I would likely have hidden behind the fruit display and pretended not to have seen her.  If I hadn't done this work maybe we would just not have run into each other at all.  I don't know.  What I do know is that life brought us together that day and our friendship graces my life again.  I thank BreakThrough and Terryann, every time I see her, for giving me a way to do the work.  BreakThrough has helped me to rebuild this beautiful relationship I wasn't equipped to rebuild before that.


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