Multi-tasking vs Focus, MindScape gives perspective

Apr 18, 2012

By Andrea Carter

As many of you are aware, I am a total research and knowledge seeking geek.  I love information and learning, which is one of the main reasons that The BodyTalk System has served me so well.  In the most recent addition of Scientific American Mind, there is a brilliant article titled, "SuperTaskers and the Multitasking Brain", which in my humble opinion summarizes the importance of focus and the need for a tool like MindScape.

With our swell of responsibilities, bombardment of information, multitasking has virtually become the new age rage.  Yet, what studies are now showing is that concentration and focus are suffering dearly.  Because the human mind is incapable of paying attention to everything within our environment, (we address this concept at the basic level in Principles of Consciousness, formerly known as Module 3), it picks up on what is relevant to us and ignores what is not.  When we are focused on one particular task, our mind will filter out all of the "irrelevant" background noise.  When this happens, our attention is focused and according to scientific research, our cognition becomes actively engaged in a healthy way which supports growth of new neurons and healthy brain functioning.

On the other hand, when we are trying to accomplish more than one task at a time, ie: answering a text, reading an email, and talking to someone, (which is now known to be done all at the same time), our mind loses function and processing power which studies are now showing leads to deterioration of cognitive functioning.  I interpret this as our brain pathways shorting out, and our minds ability to receive the information being completely scattered.  Remember that our experience can only receive information from our environment through the five senses and as such if we are not focused, we cannot interpret the information "flying around" us fully.  As Einstein once put it, "Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is not giving the kiss the attention it deserves", (this quote was actually what caught my eye while I was skimming which article to read first when I got my copy of Scientific American Mind).
In the MindScape course, what you learn is focus your attention fully on what you are doing, experiencing, and creating.  The engagement of this function, enables the brain to grow new neural pathways and it gives the mind the ability to flourish by "tuning into" the creative functions of the mind.  What we know in science is that, more synapses means more brain power.  According to researchers at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, people who imagine flexing a muscle increase both their brain activity and muscle strength, (Scientific American Mind, March/April 2012 issue).  When you train in MindScape, you learn to do this not only for exercise but also for many avenues in your life.  MindScape is not about your clients, MindScape is about you first and learning to exercise your brain function so you can be more efficient, more effective and more focused.  Once you've learned to use this skill and exercise it regularly, your ability to hone in on what is happening with your client will become more and more accurate because you are able to be more focused.
The Advanced Courses in MindScape, then support your growth to excel within building your BodyTalk Business, MindScape for Business, within working with clients, MindScape for BodyTalkers, and within fine tuning your 5 sense, Advanced MindScape.
We also now have a 6 week post MindScape study course, which is offered through a 6 week webinar called The Aspiring Brain Academy which has provided students with post MindScape support to enhance their usage and exercising of the basic MindScape techniques.
Looking forward to seeing you in class!
In warmth,
Andrea Carter

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