The BodyTalk System Published in the Journal of Alternative Medicine Research: Volume 3. Issue 3. BodyTalk: Health Care Redefined

Apr 27, 2012

By Dr. John Veltheim

Over the past three years I have been establishing good relationships with scientists and scientific bodies throughout the world. During this time they have progressively embraced the principles of BodyTalk and expressed a strong interest in learning more about it. Through the connections made, I was invited to submit an article to the Journal of Alternative Medicine Research (JAMR). This is a peer-reviewed journal published by Nova Publishing who is a major publisher of scientific journals and books in Europe. If you go to their website ( you will see they have a comprehensive library of information on all aspects of medicine in several languages, including English.
Normally each journal contains several articles on different subjects. The senior editor of JAMR suggested that they would like to really promote BodyTalk into the scientific community in Europe by making one of the editions of the Journal exclusively about BodyTalk. The main purpose was to explain the basic principles of BodyTalk and scope of practice. I showed them my upcoming book that hopefully will be published towards the end of this year. They asked permission to use several of the chapters in the book as the basis for the articles. The editors then edited the chapters down to a much smaller size. This made them more focused in getting across the key information.
In the meantime my main collaborators in this venture, Joav Merrik and Soren Ventegodt, then helped research the articles and found appropriate scientific references backing up the statements made in the articles. A lot of work went into this, and I'm very grateful for the help. They also wrote two introductory chapters. One chapter outlines the importance of complementary medicine is society based on scientific research verifying results and economic efficiency. The other was a short article to define consciousness.
Being part of this process was an exciting event for myself and for BodyTalk. The journal has been published and distributed. It is a very expensive subscription so we asked permission to put the main contents of this journal on our website so that members can read it. So now you just have to click on the link and you will be able to read and download the PDF.

Members Download Area

Another interesting development as a result of all this communication was that I was invited onto an international scientific committee designed to promote complementary medicine, organize conferences, and act as a peer review committee for papers that are presented for publication and presentation at conferences. I'm proud to be on the committee, and you might want to check out the members of the committee ( and see the standard of science that BodyTalk has been welcomed into.


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