Shoe's for the BodyTalk Family Matrix

May 25, 2012

By Christine Barrie advCBP, CBI, BAT

Have you heard the proverb: " The cobbler's children go unshod" or "The shoemaker walks without shoes"? This refers to the cobbler being too busy or distracted to properly supply shoes for himself and his family in his valiant and worthwhile efforts to provide shoes for his clients and support his business.

We each provide sessions for our clients and, hopefully, invest in sessions for ourselves but when was the last time you stopped to think about sessions for the whole BodyTalk "Family" or Matrix, as we call it? Is this BodyTalk "Family" being "shod with shoes" or, in simple terms, is our BodyTalk Matrix having it's collective needs nurtured?  Doesn't it make sense that we would benefit from sessions specifically for our matrix to help us individually and the matrix collectively to heal, grow and thrive?!

Well, if this concept resonates with you as relevant, there's good news! At the recent Instructors cruise event in April 2012, we conceived of a simple plan to nurture the BodyTalk Matrix with our own "consciousness medicine"! Once a month for the next year two instructors will pair up to provide a BodyTalk Matrix session for the whole Matrix. We have called this commitment the "BodyTalk Inspiration Matrix Session".

The focus of the "BodyTalk Inspiration Matrix Session" includes the public, all members & practitioners involved in BodyTalk at all levels, instructors, students, office staff & administration, and all the recognized visible & invisible leaders of our matrix both globally and locally. Isn't that cool?

If you want to tune in and be part of this action consciously, watch at the beginning of each month for the posting "BodyTalk Inspiration Matrix Session" on the General and ACCESS forums. On the first of each month, the pair of Instructors who have volunteered to provide the session will post a notice on the forums - General forum & ACCESS forum - stating when they will facilitate the session that month so you can make plans to be energetically tuned in.

Once they have completed the session, they will post the session notes on the forum. This way we can all tune in and be informed of the shifts that are occurring collectively and individually. Everyone is welcome to tune in to the session energetically. We invite you to please bring your witnessing powers to this session each month! Let's work together to see big changes happen in our BodyTalk world!

The first "BodyTalk Inspiration Matrix Session"  occurred May 2, 2012 at 9am PST. You can check out the notes on the General and ACCESS forums. The next "BodyTalk Inspiration Matrix Session" is scheduled for Friday, June 1, 2012 at 9am PST.

In summary, change starts at home.  Shifting consciousness - this is our specialty, right?  Let's provide ourselves with "shoes" while we provide them for others, metaphorically speaking. Please join us - this opportunity to work with our own BodyTalk Family is a gift we can all share! My wish is that this small simple action will bring about changes over the next year that will engage us in a more balanced way with each other, the Bodytalk consciousness as it spreads to the world and ultimately within ourselves!

In closing, Kathleen Erickson, one of our instructors in attendance on the cruise, shares in her own words a beautiful sense of what birthed this action of nurturing ourselves in this way:

"I feel a compelling emotion of compassion for one another. This compassion has a voice of unconditionalism speaking from not only the heart of the IBA but from each individuals heart in this matrix. This unconditionalism I feel as a vibrational resonance of our voices that spiral in a vortex of light and love which vibrates within all matter and space of our beings and beingness. This voice of unconditionalism / oneness manifests a balance of unity giving each of us the point of "Singularity" / "Zero Point Field" to be a creation of light and love, to serve one another in deep gratitude and humility (which means to be in a state of learning / being taught), to be in allowance of each persons way of being through observing their light and love and to be one in consciousness as healing is manifested within and outside of each of us.  I feel the deep healing of the IBA's heart through the heart healing of each of us in what ever state of being we are presently abiding. This heart healing is the center / life force of consciousness which allows all healing to exist in this matrix.

I hope these words express the imprint I felt on my heart. I have such a deep sense of love and caring for us all. As my heart is in this state of being I feel deep healing at multiple levels of beingness and feel the existence of consciousness allowing the resonance of light and love to exist and radiate to influence each and everyone of us within and eventually out side of this matrix."

Kathleen Erickson

Thank you all for your contributions and being-ness!

With Much Love,

Christine Barrie

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