Introducing Our New BodyTalk Access Trainers for Animals

Jun 22, 2012

By Loesje Jacob

Alexa Linton

Alexa's love of healing and animals began as a child:
This passion has continued, culminating in a constantly deepening and expanding healing practice for both animals and people based in beautiful Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, BC.

Alexa's main area of interest is in working with animals and their owners to promote enhanced connection and balance in their partnership. She began her journey into BodyTalk after the realization that to bring optimal healing to her animal clients, she needed a tool that could work effectively with both the animal and their owner.  Her passion for the BodyTalk System and its potential for implementing powerful shifts in both physical well-being and consciousness provided momentum for her current work with people and the opening of the BalanceWorks BodyTalk studio in Cobble Hill, BC.

 Alexa is also a contributing author to several Vancouver Island-based wellness magazines.

I personally look forward to many of Alexa's stories of her BodyTalk for Small and Large Animals classes being shared through her writing for various magazines around the world!

I would like to join the IBA in congratulating Alexa Linton on adding yet another BodyTalk Access for Animals class that she will be facilitating, as she shares her love and passion for the horses of the world! Alexa has now graduated as a BodyTalk Access for Large Animals Trainer (BAT-A), which she adds to her existing certification as a BAT-A for Small animals as well.
Welcome Alexa, to a powerful supportive team of BodyTalk Access for Animals Trainers. (Loesje Jacob - BodyTalk Access for Animals Trainer of Trainers, PaRama2-Adv. CBP, BAT-A, CBI, BTAI)

To contact Alexa for classes, email her at:

Martha Birkett

Written by a young girl named Leanne from Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Excerpts from Angel Heros:

Wow! Martha has ideas! Martha is planning to leave Ottawa on March 30th 2008. Martha is planning to ride across Canada on her 4 horses and is going to bring her dog Sadie with her. Every day Martha is going to rotate her horse. Once she makes it half way, Martha will bring in the new 4 horses. Martha is a very gifted person and she will do this ride if it's freezing out or steaming hot out. Martha is going to raise money for the Children's Wish Foundation.

Why is Martha doing a ride? Well Martha loves children and horses. Martha also loves Canada. If Martha did anything it would be with all three of her favorite things. When Martha sees someone sick she'll be right with you to help. That's why Martha wants to do anything she can to keep children happy, healthy and alive!
A book has been written which is called Lifeworth where Martha's Giddy Up For Wishes story is told in Chapter 4.
Martha has spearheaded the formation of a charity horse group called Women of the Wild West  
Martha attributes all of these great highlights in her past couple of years to BodyTalk, which, she feels, has opened her up to all wonderful possibilities.  Martha encourages people to subject themselves to the power of Body Talk so they too can experience their full potential.
Please join the IBA and myself (Loesje Jacob - BodyTalk Access for Animals Trainer of Trainers, PaRama2-Adv. CBP, BAT-A, CBI, BTAI)in congratulating Martha on her Graduation asone of our newest team members now Facilitating BodyTalk Access for Large and Small Animals.

We welcome Martha's passion for the animals as well as children as she integrates her new Certification as a BAT-A into her already exciting life!

To contact Martha to facilitate classes for both Small (dog, cat, mouse, snake, etc) and Large (horses, livestock etc.):

Jacquie McIntyre

"I could never have been able to imagine the path that I was about to embark on, it is one that I am extremely grateful for and have been enjoying immensely, every day I feel blessed" (2006)
Jacquie fulfilled one of her goals of opening Yovela, A Finding Health and Education center in October of 2009 in Gympie, Queensland, where she ran her full-time practice from, and coordinated for, International Instructors teaching varied BodyTalk and Life Science classes such as BreakThrough.

For 6 years, Jacquie has been providing in-person BodyTalk  and BodyTalk for Animals sessions as well as distance sessions for animals and people who are not able to make it into a clinic, are in a hospital, or live in other parts of the world.

Jacquie has made a huge leap, FREE FALL style, and decided to close her successful clinic and trade in her desk and treatment table for the experience of world travel and facilitating classes as a BodyTalk Access for Animals Trainer (BAT-A)!

Please join the IBA and myself (Loesje Jacob - BodyTalk Access for Animals Trainer of Trainers, PaRama2-Adv. CBP, BAT-A, CBI, BTAI) in congratulating Jacquie McIntyre on her Graduation asone of our new team members, now facilitating BodyTalk Access for Large and Small Animals .

To contact Jacquie to facilitate classes for both Small (dog, cat, mouse, snake, etc.) and Large (horses, livestock etc.)

"The animals have definitely been some of my greatest teachers, for this I am ever so grateful and am looking forward to the rest of the journey"

Kari Lesick

Kari owned a dog-walking business for 8 years.  While being very grounding, it taught Kari the gift of pack mentality and dog behavior. Kari is a Certified Canine Educator & Trainer. In 2008, she played a key role in creating and instructing at a school to certify other Certified Canine Educator-Trainers, which drew participants from across Canada.
After 12 years of working with dogs, Kari realized there was a piece missing.
Kari became a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner in June 2010. She now uses BodyTalk and BodyTalk for Animals as a means of empowering owners to understand their pets' behavior and strengthen the human canine bond while training.
Kari has joined Loesje for the past 3 years as a co-facilitator for the Batam, Indonesia, Access Outreach program for youth and orphans, and has now expanded her client base into yet another passion, the youth community.
Kari has worked with many youth that are feeling lost and misunderstood by parents, peers and teachers, and has found that animals hold a very powerful space for these youth to feel a connection and the unconditional love that they are searching for.
I would like to join the IBA in congratulating Kari Lesick on her Graduation as a BodyTalk Access for Small Animals Trainer (BAT-A). I personally welcome Kari to a powerful team of Trainers that will be travelling the world to teach this updated class! (Loesje Jacob - BodyTalk Access for Animals Trainer of Trainers, PaRama2-Adv. CBP, BAT-A, CBI, BTAI)

To contact Kari for classes, email her at:

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