Why take FreeFall?

Jul 06, 2012

By Kristy Kenny

I am sitting in a circle of FreeFall participants, waiting my turn to introduce myself, and state why I am here.  My stomach drops and my head spins as sweat forms on my upper lip and the trembling in my legs breaks through my best efforts to hold them steady. My heart is pounding so loudly, that I can't hear what the person next to me is saying.  A silence indicates to me it is now my turn.

"My name is Kristy, and I can't believe I am here exposing myself!"

I am staring at the floor, blinking back tears obscuring my vision, when I hear John Veltheim respond,

"Well, You have achieved the toughest part of this course, You Are Here!"

The resonance of those conscious words pulled me back from the abyss of my overreaction.  I felt spacious, calm, centered...I could breathe again!

This was my first FreeFall experience.

Despite years of creating clever means of coping and avoiding vulnerability, here I stood in the midst of the conflict feeling better than I ever had.

Some may say, an experience that changed me forever, but I didn't change, I simply became aware.

I became aware of a self that does not abuse and manipulate. A self that is vital and free.  A self that is spontaneous and natural.  A self that is naked.

I became aware that I needed to FreeFall like my life depended on it. And so, the last few years have been all about integrating BreakThrough and BodyTalk with FreeFall.

At first, the quest to uncover the emotional clothing of the body-mind had been a drive- a deep desire to know.  Compiling all the research, information and knowledge served to show what happens but avoided dealing with why it happens, and keeps happening.  All this knowledge fed me a distraction, while my heart centre starved. For me personally, my research had also become yet another piece of the wardrobe.

In order to be truly naked requires undressing the mind as well as the body.  This is why BreakThrough is one of the obvious pre-requisites for FreeFall. Your coping behavior is one of the heaviest garments you will ever wear.  Actively receiving ongoing BreakThrough's, demonstrates for me how the mind too, loves to dress-up. As the regressive nature of the Breakthrough Steps uncover the truth, there is always objective shifts in my posture, breath and body awareness too.

BodyTalk is another FreeFall pre-requisite option. In BodyTalk  we focus on the crystalline structure of the bodymind and tune into the energy flows. A solid practitioner needs to be able to "freefall" into the innate wisdom and feelings of the treatment session so they can observe the work.

"What now? Which way shall I go?"

"That depends a great deal on where you wish to go," replied the rabbit.


~from Alice in Wonderland

The FreeFall method explores the truth of one's acceptance of where they are at and of what they are capable of.  FreeFall participants are encouraged to "dive into the rabbit hole", to become aware of their limitations and develop a clear sense of being response-able.

FreeFall, like BodyTalk and BreakThrough, is a consciousness- based therapy that works with the body mind it its healing process. Experiencing consciously is a simple and effective method for realizing self.  BodyTalk and BreakThrough have many testimonials and case studies supporting this theory.

Why would a BreakThrough student or BodyTalk student want to take FreeFall?

The Life Sciences and BodyTalk are all mutually complementary and each seminar will enhance the other. BreakThrough and BodyTalk students who have integrated the FreeFall System may provide a healthier expression of life experience to be mirrored with their clients. They can amplify the knowledge of BodyTalk and BreakThrough in exciting practices and procedures. Most importantly, it will illuminate the depth of the work within each of us, serving the greater whole.

In a global healing sense, the integration of Bodytalk-BreakThrough and FreeFall work together in a progressive investigation of Relationships. The diversity of the IBA modalities brought together in this integration, provides us with numerous tools to understand and transform our relationships with ourselves and others, consciously. Furthermore, it provides students, practitioners and clients a wholistic approach to healing.

I encourage you, be a global healer. The difference between a good practitioner and an excellent one is how flexible the mind of the practitioner is. When our mind is inflexible-so is the treatment. As practitioners, we cannot truly function from a compassionate place if we do not have that experience for ourselves.  Dare to be flexible...Dare to Live-FreeFall.

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