CareerHearted for BodyTalk

Jul 06, 2012

By Jeffrey Goodman

CareerHearted™ Taking you and your business from start to success.

 "Start to live now how you choose to be one year from now, so that you can begin your journey in this moment of becoming exactly that." – Jeffrey Goodman STMT, CBI, CHI

What you want to know:

· Business course for BodyTalkers

· 3 Day Live Intensive Course

· 25 IBA CE's

· No Prerequisites: Anyone can take this course at any stage of business.

· Course Manual and Workbook

· NCBTMB CE's available

· Discounts on private coaching available to Graduates 

· Special Bonuses for BodyTalk Practitioners

So...What is CareerHearted?

The elevator pitch...

We teach business owners how to create more abundance in their professional and personal lives than they know what to do with.

CareerHearted has completely evolved the paradigm of business education.  This course invites you to begin to understand your business as a living being and utilizes the 7 chakras as an organized platform to clearly explain what aspects of your business apply to each chakra. This approach has for the first time allowed very non-business minded businesses owners or soon to be business owners an opportunity to have easy access to understanding all the aspects of running a business. This has also allowed seasoned business owners to look at their business in a whole new fresh light.

Imagine you're in a classroom environment feeling inspired and excited to discover that the thing(s) you love to do most can now be the foundation of great abundance and success for you. Imagine listening and experiencing a new source of information about the present and future of how we will be engaging with our businesses that will blow your mind and open your heart.  Imagine witnessing your old fears dissolving quickly and easily while replacing them with the ease and confidence of "I can do this!" Imagine someone showing you how a business, your business, is actually a conscious living being and you can consciously connect with it.  Breath.  You can stop imagining now for this experience exists.

CareerHearted is a three-day business intensive designed specifically for those in the wellness industry.  This business course is crafted with the perfect harmony of step-by-step practical tools, techniques and applications to take you and your business from start to success, along with exploring both personal and professional evolutionary experiences that serve to deepen the knowledge you gain from the course.

Jeffrey teaches you everything he has learned throughout his own journey from best of business strategies and marketing/promotion to entrepreneurial development.  He will walk you through the details of what he did to move from an abundant career as a fashion/advertising photographer to establishing an extremely successful BodyTalk practice, which grew into a waiting list of clients over 6 months out. You will gain all the practical knowledge you need to have a healthy and thriving BodyTalk business, along with understanding the psychology behind the secrets of Jeffrey's business success as a BodyTalk Practitioner, and how to implement his success secrets into your life and business. Jeffrey will also share his mistakes and lessons learned along the way, how to avoid his past blunders.

How To Do Business is Evolving:

You are ready for an upgrade:

And we are going to give you one. One that will directly align with your journey to help others and grow yourself.

CareerHearted is shifting the paradigm on how to do business. You, like the rest of the planet, are evolving. How people think, interact and live their lives is evolving.  Therefore, our business model must evolve to meet the changes of the modern world. The Masculine method of conducting business primarily focused on financial gain or "divide, conquer and dominate" has become the old strategy. Notice how more people these days are saying "I don't want to work for 'The Man' anymore. I want to do something that I am passionate about!" People now desire the opportunity to express their passion through their work and the freedom that comes with it.

The world is moving into a more feminine business experience, which embraces and models authenticity, cooperation, collaboration and support, transparency, and mutual abundance – this is the future of your business. CareerHearted recognizes this evolution and is proud to be one of the first to fully identify and teach wellness practitioners, like you, how to bring this new platform to the HealthCare Industry.  CareerHearted is the first of its kind to create an easy to follow step-by-step business course that guides people into this new paradigm.

Today's business is about:

      1. 1. creating something that is simple and available to anyone,
      2. 2. sharing/exchanging brilliant that are easy for others to understand,
      3. 3. combined powerful experiences that are personal, educational and uplifting.
      4. 4. support positive growth for the individual and the community he/she is part of.
      5. 5. discover and express passion and purpose and form it into becoming your life's work.

CareerHearted is founded on an environment of action.  You will leave the course already developing and working with the tools and techniques needed to ground your understanding of how to run a successful BodyTalk business and how to be a healthy business owner. You will learn how to model your business and self with a new level of transparency, authenticity and nurturing that will align with the new business paradigm that is taking place globally. With Jeffrey and a supportive team by your side every step of the way, you will develop your own easy-to-follow and realistic game plan that is underwhelming, overly motivating, and easy to implement!

CareerHearted creates an atmosphere of honesty and emotional authenticity. Jeffrey has created a variety of activates in class specifically design to strategically trigger personal and professional learning and growth.  This course shares with you powerful tools any successful business needs to run a business from the heart.  You will receive insight into what is keeping you from achieving your goals and how to overcome your limitations or belief systems that have been preventing you from succeeding.

CareerHearted has evolved the standard of business education.  This course invites you to begin to understand your business as a living being and utilizes the ancient wisdom of the 7 chakras as an organized platform of what aspects of your business apply to each section. For example, your operations, corporate structures, financials, managing and leveraging your schedule, what to charge for your service, how taxes are handled are all aspects of the Root Chakra. Whereas understanding what advertising strategies work best and the secrets of rolling out marketing campaigns are found in the core of the Throat Chakra, and discovering the great visions of business growth are within the Brow Chakra.  The genius of using this model has created a new understanding of business health and evolution potential.  Diagnosing business dis-eases and how to obtain new levels of sustainable success has never been easier.  CareerHearted is becoming recognized as truly one of the first Wholistic Business Education models.

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