A New Business Friendship Has Formed

Jul 06, 2012

By Alexa Linton

When Jeffrey Goodman, a very successful BodyTalk Practitioner, BodyTalk Instructor and CareerHearted instructor told me the exciting news, I asked if I could be the one to share it with all of you.  He said yes, and so I have the honor to announce that the IBA and CareerHearted have formed a friendship and alliance to support your best success for your business!  The IBA now offers CareerHearted as the official business course for BodyTalk Practitioners! Students will now receive 25 continuing education credits from the IBA upon graduating from this amazing, life changing, path to success!

For those of you who may not have not heard of CareerHearted yet, I just took Jeffrey's class in Vancouver and I cannot express enough how incredible and critical this course is to round out our BodyTalk education as BodyTalk Practitioners. Business for many of us has been difficult over the last few years and we all know as BodyTalk Practitioners, the health of our individual practices, plays a major part in reflecting our own health and well-being. If we really want to continue to develop ourselves and strengthen the global BodyTalk Matrix, then we must as individual practitioners learn how to properly improve the success matrix of our own personal businesses as well. The CareerHearted business course is exactly what we need... now more than ever.

Last month I had the absolute pleasure of attending Jeffrey's CareerHearted course and honestly, it is one of the most beneficial courses I have ever taken (and I have been to many!). Understand, before taking the course I was just like you and I am sure many of you could relate to my story: My business was organized by what I would like to consider a 'graceful' version of trial and error. When I heard that the course was coming to Vancouver, I hesitated. I wondered if this was where I wanted to put my time, energy and money.

I knew I needed to take the CareerHearted course, but my mind was telling me I had already committed to other classes and the money and, and, and...  However, it quickly became clear that my business foundation needed an overhaul and I needed to re-think my priorities. I knew that taking any other course than this one was me trying to again avoid my own fears of success. I knew I needed something with a bigger edge. I needed something that would really help take my business and personal life to the next level of success quickly and easily.

The CareerHearted course is as mind-blowing as it is heart opening. Jeffrey teaches every secret he used to turn his own BodyTalk business into a success in just a matter of months.  He organizes everything into an easy to follow, step-by-step format drawing upon a huge expanse of practical and first hand business wisdom including marketing and promoting. I can't wait for you to take this course. You will learn how to set up a solid business structure in a way that any wellness practitioner can understand. Learning how to re-organize our business into the 7 Chakras makes so much sense and Jeffrey has really mastered the art of how to educate while being entertaining, practical and fun. You are going to learn so much!

This three-day intensive experience has everything you will need to turn your business towards success no matter if you are just starting off as a new practitioner or like me, almost 10 years as a business owner. The magic of CareerHearted is that it goes way beyond just business education. After helping thousands with their own successes, and having his own BodyTalk practice, Jeffrey truly understands our needs both personally and professionally. 

CareerHearted integrates into the course the wisdom of many of the best personal and professional growth tools and techniques including many unique tools developed by Jeffrey. You will walk away with knowing more about how you think, learn and live life than any other course you've taken. I can say this with total confidence: "I am a very different person after taking the course. My self-confidence as a practitioner and certainty of knowledge as a business owner has gone through the roof! I feel focused, grounded and clear about my new vision and new mission. It has been about a month since the course and my business and personal life is growing in ways that I never imagined possible."

One of the most exciting parts of the course is that Jeffrey even teaches how to communicate with our Business.  When Jeffrey explained how our individual businesses are literally a living being that we can create a conscious relationship with... it changed everything I thought about business, as it will you too. He even taught us in class how to talk with our businesses as well!

One thing I am learning on a daily basis is "Success will not hang around waiting for those who hesitate." Do not wait until later to take this course. Later never comes and you owe it to you, your business, the BodyTalk Matrix and your clients to experience what it is like to truly live in a career hearted place. I promise you will be so glad you did.

Wishing you all the best in your businesses and your lives,


Alexa Linton CBP, BodyTalk Access for Animals Trainer

BalanceWorks Wellness

More Information on CareerHearted

·       3 Day Live Intensive Course

·       25 IBA CE's

·       No Prerequisites: Anyone can take this course at any stage of business.

·       Course Manual and Workbook

·       NCBTMB CE's available


To learn more about CareerHearted visit www.CareerHearted.com.


Visit BodyTalkSystem.com or CareerHearted.com for upcoming classes.

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