New Leader at the Helm

Jul 13, 2012

By John & Esther

It is our great pleasure to announce that, as of July 1st, Christopher Veltheim was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the IBA. Christopher will be working closely with our recently appointed President, Claudia Schembri-Heitmann.

As many of you know, Christopher joined IBA in 2009 as our Chief Marketing Officer but his association with the IBA began in 2001 and for the last ten years has contributed to the IBA in variety of roles learning from the ground up. Together with his wife Cass, he is the power behind our IBA Australasian office. From the time Christopher began working with IBA he embraced Monique Ring (our former President) as a mentor, and learned much from her immense academic background. Chris continues to work with Monique as she remains in an advisory role with the IBA.
Christopher's energy and enthusiasm reflects in every project he works on. His dynamic energy, sensitivity, enthusiasm and impeccable work ethic has not gone unnoticed. In 2011, Christopher was promoted to Chief Operations Officer and Vice President of IBA. In the months following the departure of Monique Ring, Christopher and his family, Cass and Rose, came to America to oversee and bridge the gap during the transition. This transition period provided Christopher with the opportunity, together with the IBA Team, to review and streamline all operations and systems of the IBA from the ground up.
In the past two months, there has been a complete restructuring of the IBA website that will enable it to meet our needs in the future and to greatly improve the interactive experience for members and visitors to the website. These changes will be seen later this year.
To support and further expand on IBA's website transformation, Christopher put together a very effective committee of experts to continue to design an engaging online education experience. This innovation will allow the IBA to expand its course offerings and provide new global, educational opportunities.
Reducing barriers for Students, Instructors and Members alike to advance their education within the IBA is one of Christopher's priorities. A complete review of the membership structure, pricing and value is both critical in reducing barriers and supporting the IBA Community.
The IBA's managerial decision-making process has been restructured to incorporate the guidance of an advisory board to make informed decisions. To this end we are now drawing on the talents of several of our Senior Instructors and Practitioners to ensure that the broader IBA Community is consulted. This is only the beginning as we see the importance in surrounding the IBA with the experience sourced from our Martix.
Communication is the fundamental building block of the IBA, finding ways to improve communication channels in more effective ways is at the heart of Christopher's approach to guiding the IBA into the future.
Naturally we are unabashedly proud of Christopher, and we are thrilled to have him at the helm of our ship.

Congratulations Christopher!
--John and Esther

"Congratulations, Chris!
This has been quite a journey, but I guess the goal was always there, albeit invisible. The first time we met, back in 2003 in Hamburg / Germany, this position was still somewhere in the clouds. However, having observed your personal journey, guided by two strong parents who let you follow your path, it is amazing to see with how much ease and brilliance you have managed to go through your education and studies and really just fitted into the IBA so perfectly. I believe that there is no better person to take on this new role. I am truly looking forward to continuing working with you."
 -- Claudia Schembri-Heitmann – IBA President

"I'm delighted to hear of Chris's appointment to the CEO position.
Congratulations, Chris! From all of my interactions with Chris over the years, I have nothing but admiration for his vision, creativity and steadfast focus on moving the IBA forward in all areas. With Chris at the helm, we can all look forward to a progressive organization moving into the future."
 --Sylvia Muiznieks – Chair of Academics and Membership

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