BreakThrough provides physical healing for our clients

Sep 13, 2012

By Elizabeth Hanson

In early 2006 I took BreakThrough 1 for the first time. It was an intense but enlightening weekend. I felt that this was a wonderful technique for me to use for myself. BreakThrough would help me be clearer which would help me be a better person and BodyTalk practitioner.  I practiced my BreakThrough skill with others in my area who took BreakThrough 1. I thought about using it with clients but wasn't sure how I would present it or follow through with people who had not taken the course themselves.
Over the years I continued to "practice" BreakThrough 1, monitoring and taking the practical a few times. My husband, oldest daughter, and son-in-law also took BreakThrough 1 and we use it for any family or personal conflict. I tried to get a BreakThrough class together here in North Dakota but it was really a hard sell because other BodyTalkers (yes, they were mirroring me) saw it as a "me" course not something for our (my) clients. However, that has CHANGED! and I am going to tell you WHY...
I have a client diagnosed with MS 7 years ago, with brain lesions, a lot of spasticity, pain, weakness and great difficulty walking. She has tried EVERYTHING that western medicine and alternative medicine have to offer. BodyTalk was her last ditch effort to heal. Read More >>

She had been to a couple of practitioners before me and after sessions would have increased weakness and spasticity. She was sent to me to try and figure out why she had a marked increase in her symptoms.
The first thing I tired was to just do a session and see if the same thing would happen with me, and it did. In questioning the body what would help this not happen again and BreakThrough came up. 
Shoot! I didn't want to do a BrTh1 session with someone who had not taken the course! No, I just couldn't, especially since she was a phone client. How could I do it on the phone? Besides what could that do anyway? She wanted relief from her physical symptoms not her emotional angst. How was I going to sell her on this, what if she thought it was a terrible waste of time? More than that, how was I going to pull this off???
Well, thankfully I had signed up for the BreakThrough 1 phone practical course with Brenda Miller that was happening that week and I decided that I was going to figure out how to do this or die trying. With faith, I set an appointment with this client on the phone for the afternoon after the last day of the practical. I figured it out and did the BreakThrough 1 with the client. It went well and I was relieved! What came next BLEW ME AWAY!!!
I got a text the next morning from this client, it said, "I CAN WALK!!! No spaz, No pain. It is like I don't have MS!!"

I was so stunned I called her to check it out. Sure enough she was walking upright without any problem just as if the last 7 years had been a nightmare and she was finally waking up. This went on for 4 days. She went shopping at the store, went out to dinner with friends, she went to see her daughters do a competition all things she had not been able to do for months and months. As she says it, "I got to live my life." After 4 days her symptoms slowly returned but were not as bad as they had been before.
We decided to do another BreakThrough. Same result. Then another BreakThrough. Same result. It was just AMAZING! So far I have only gotten the relief of symptoms to last for 3-4 days each time but we are now doing a BreakThrough every 3-4 days trying to dig out anything and everything we can so that maybe someday (soon) we can go down to once a week and then twice a month, then once a month etc.... until she has cleared all the belief systems (BS) and can be a whole, healthy, healed person.
To say this knocked my socks off would be an understatement. But I thought maybe this was just an oddity or a fluke so I decided to try it with another of my clients.
This client had severe fatigue, digestive upset, pain and emotional distress. I had been working with her for about 4 months with some success but really no lasting relief of symptoms. It took a while to talk her into a BreakThrough Session but finally the time came. The BreakThrough went well and I was hopeful that she would feel some physical relief as well as emotional easing of symptoms.
Two days later I received an e-mail from her stating that, "The BreakThrough session that we did has given me the most relief I have ever gotten from any thing I have ever done. When can we do another one?" The relief of her anxiety, stomach/bowel issues and neck/shoulder pain lasted 10 days. The second BreakThrough gave her nearly complete relief for 12 days and her symptoms returned slowly after that and have not gotten back to the same intensity.
About this same time, a long time on and off client of mine came in for a session. I had been able to help her with her food allergies and a breathing issue with BodyTalk but one thing that BodyTalk never seemed to want to address was her chronic low back pain. I suggested that we do a BreakThrough since we had never tried that before. She agreed and off we went. 
This client didn't have any really big conflicts going on in her life so we picked something very small. Beneath that small little irritation we found buried treasure; a deep hidden belief system from her childhood. The 'aha' was mind-blowing to her! Before she left she signed up for another BreakThrough in two weeks. That night she called to say her back pain was gone for the first time in 6 years. 
BreakThrough was able to do what 3 chiropractors, an acupuncturist, 2 back surgeries and buckets of pain killers were unable to do.
Now do you see why my opinion of the use of BreakThough has changed? BreakThrough is for our clients! BreakThrough can bring amazing healing to our clients! BreakThrough is something every BodyTalk Practitioner needs to take, monitor, practice, monitor again, learn and use with their clients as well as themselves.
BreakThrough is no different than the techniques we learn in Foundations or any of the other BodyTalk courses. No one has memorised all the Reciprocals or is perfect at the Cellular Repair or Active Memory techniques the day after their first class ends but you practice and practice. This is what you need to do with BreakThrough1 you need to take the class and practice. 
Our client's physical ailments are their emotional aliments. BreakThrough 1 is another tool for you to use for them and the side benefit is that you get help too! 
Oh, please don't take the 6 years I have taken to figure this out your clients need you to do this NOW. A very definite WIN WIN situation for everyone. Go to seminars now and find a class!
Just one woman's changed perspective!
Elizabeth D. Hanson, BA, RMT, Adv.CBP, BAT?
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By Maddelna Gonzo, CBP, Montreal, Canada 

The question asked so many times
Words just hitting the wall of my mind
Until suddenly
The same vibration
Opens the frequency of realization
And in a split second I know
Who I was
And I am not anymore.

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