The Concept of all Concepts... FreeFall!

Oct 26, 2012

By Lee Miller, CBP, South Yorkshire, UK

My journey over the last 2 ½ years with BodyTalk has turned me into a bunny rabbit jumping down the rabbit holes and loving everyone one of them. I have shredded layers and masks willingly and each time feel freer and lighter. I'm now in danger of floating up to the sky after the weekend spent in a castle FreeFalling. Having also done BodyTalk Principles of Consciousness in the 2 days leading up to FreeFall, I can now see clearer then ever before on how the synchronised events have led me to reach this shift of consciousness. BodyTalk has brought me to this moment where now I can really and truly begin to live!
BodyTalk had shown me my heart. I had begun to live more fuller after MindScape. After Finding Health 1 & 2, it all began to make sense; John's heart vivaxis technique had rebalanced me.
I thought I was living from my heart more then ever before and I probably was, but now I see it has just been a journey to deliver this moment, this moment to now truly honour mySelf and to live life from an authentic heart, now in this present moment. 'Oh I get it now....'
Freefall, Dare to live? I do! I and I feel the 13 others all truly found the authentic heart and Self.
Looking back I had been living a lie, a good lie and a good concept of the heart. Through my BodyTalk Journey so far I had learnt to let go of the past, of attachments, of judgments of bs bs's, of concepts...
So everything is a concept, right? I had just learnt to see the concepts that weren't serving me and replace them with concepts that do serve me, and to observe those concepts and also be ready to drop them at any moment.
But is the biggest concept, the concept of the heart???....
I HAD BEEN LIVING FROM A FAKE HEART! A rather intelligent one, one that had been spring-cleaned, re-positioned, strengthened with nice strong walls one with a left-brain influence!
FreeFall and the most wonderful 13 other participants in the group watched me tear down those walls, blow up the concepts and prevent the trickery of that damn clever left brain and allow a flourishing amount of orange and blue energy to flow back into my iceberg. FreeFall showed me this true life force again, it says it has been here before but I do not recognise it, but I know it recognises me and it fully accepts me.
'Oh now I get it ...'
I am an energy living in a human life...I am the ocean...I am authentic true energy force that loves and connects to other energies now from a different place....But  is this just another concept being replaced with another concept??? Sigh...
So now I become the Ouroboros once again. 
Here's to the many more 'Oh I get it now...' moments to follow and probably never end. Right now I can not imagine there are anymore layers to shift and any more 'Oh I get it now...' moments to follow, I feel happy and reborn right this the concept of contentment...umm I like this one and watch my mind try to grasp hold of it for as long as I can! Sigh....
For now I shall enjoy this change of perspective and funny how it coincides with me moving house....
I want to say a big Thank you from my new Heart: to Claudia and my 13 FreeFall buddies for helping me reach and go through the most wonderful stage of my journey so far. To the UK BodyTalk matrix (that would have also felt the shifts from the weekend). To Mindscape and Felix for showing me my next step was FreeFall and of course to John Veltheim and BodyTalk worldwide.
"You cannot solve problems with the same level of consciousness that created them." --Albert Einstein

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