Uncovering the Dynamics of FreeFall

May 10, 2013

By Kristy Kenny

Uncovering the Dynamics of FreeFall by Kristy Kenny

For decades now, our mass media has got incredible mileage out of the concept "body image" and self acceptance.  Books, television, and seminars cater to image makeovers, loving your body, and opening your heart to self. This focus on shape, wrinkles, ageing, and stretch marks is a very limited approach to understanding your relationship with a healthy body and mind. 
In FreeFall we have come to know, that using the term "body image" may be creating a narrow filter in our ability to express the nature of our unique, state of the art therapy we offer; namely the practice of Advanced Bioenergetics.
Bioenergetic Therapy is based on the concept that the body's expressions, posture, patterns of muscular holding and energetic integrity, tell the story of a person's emotional history. (Glossary of terms; BodyTalk Fundamentals) Bioenergetics recognises that our earliest experiences, conditionings, belief systems, customs, and cultures leave physical imprints that are stored throughout the cells of our body-minds.
Candace Pert's book 'Molecules of Emotion: 'The Science Behind Mind', shares a pioneering approach to exploring how the cells receive this input from our environment and builds up a very, very dense energy physical block. She discusses how the neuropeptide is the biochemical basis for emotion. All emotions seem to have there own peptide, which generates multiple levels of responses (on emotional & physical levels). 
Neuropeptides communicate among the nervous, immune, endocrine, muscle, and skeletal systems via blood, interstitial fluids, and the central nervous system, which are all body fluids. These neuropeptides bind to cell receptors. When the neuropeptide connects with the receptor, the receptor can then send a signal into the cell interior with specific instructions to be carried out by the cell. This of course has a direct influence on the physical cell structure as well as the cell physiology. Neurorpeptides are created based on our emotions. Our emotions, thus, have a direct impact on our physical state.
This impact can be a very strong one, inhibiting the heart-brain function, and controlling the way we experience things. Remember that the heart brain holds the consciousness centre of higher self or the supramental consciousness level, and when that is blocked up with deep seated emotional neuropeptides, that's going to affect the way our brain works, impeding structural heart function, and directly influence the way we relate to everything. 
Positive affirmations and heart felt discussions are not going to have much impact on this energy field. You can't truly say you are at peace with yourself, if the heart is full of neuropeptide debris holding very strong vortexes, limiting and inhibiting it.
In FreeFall the class dynamic is orchestrated to set up the conditions whereby we expose the blocks, which in turn activates them with awareness of touch, breath, feeling and visual imagery to turn them into something tangible that we can work with-as we do with the BodyTalk Bodygenics technique.
Utilizing the Advanced Bodygenic technique offers the cell an opportunity to dislodge the neuropeptide and dissolve it so the lymphatic system can carry it away and send it out through the kidneys. Hence, we are changing the structural integrity of the cells to open them up and clear the stuff that is inhibiting them.
This is a powerful therapeutic energy technique. There are sound scientific principles to the FreeFall work and John Veltheim's, "Naked Beneath Your Clothing" theories.
FreeFall is vital, interactive, very powerful, and very supportive. In FreeFall we don't tell you what to do, we show and demonstrate it so that you learn it from your experience.
Take another look at FreeFall.
FreeFall – Dare to Live.
Kristy Kenny- IBA Representative of Life Sciences, Sr. FreeFall Instructor
For more information in Kristy's FreeFall Course Click Here 

John Veltheim is scheduled for FreeFall 3 in Vancouver, Canada this July.  For more information Click Here

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