FreeFall and Your BodyTalk Practice

May 10, 2013

By Allison Bachmeier

FreeFall and Your BodyTalk Practise

How has FreeFall complemented my BodyTalk practice?  How hasn't it!!!  Whether it was John training us in FF2 to 'see' with our subtle sense of touch from our hands or challenging my perceptions and overreactions with naked honesty, the FreeFall work has been fundamental in my professional development as a practitioner.
There is new info/techniques taught in FreeFall that aren't taught anywhere else including Advanced BodyGenics, insights into Wei Qi, the Pelvic-Heart connection to name a few.  More important than the acquisition of another set of tools for my practice was the uncovering of the most important tool, my heart energy and all of its connections.  Not only did that help me to stay alive through a variety of health related and personal challenges, it ensured vitality and a steadfastness of underlying calm.  Why?  Because when you drive at 200mph for a weekend or a few days than all other challenges seem much easier to handle.  That includes when a client walks in the door with a 'death sentence' from the medical community or being able to maintain agenda-less focus on stories that would have triggered me before with their brutality such as gang rape or child abuse.  
Every single time I get to teach and experience this seminar there's a richer understanding that our conflict is simply here to heal us, and life could not have been any other way.  The power of observation is all that's required to change and the impact of FreeFall (1, 2 and 3) on my observational skills is immeasurable.  
In my first ever FF experience I found it made the connection between how energy medicine impacts the physical body as I chipped away with a jackhammer at the cement coating of my heart and started to cough on the dust... my left brain was so confused as to how I could possibly be coughing on invisible cement dust and yet the experience was undeniable.  There was no separation between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Sure I had always understood that from a left-brain point of view but to richly experience it opened me up to a whole new way of living.  It was shortly after that I became a BodyTalk Instructor, left medical school and embarked on this adventurous journey of Self. 
Without the experiences of FreeFall (as well as all of the Life Sciences and BodyTalk) it's doubtful I'd be doing what it is I'm doing, playing in a successful career that's far richer than the dreams of my wildest imagination.   

Allison Bachmeier

B.Sc., B.A., CBI, BAT, BrI, CBP, Parama BP, AdvCBP


Vibrant Transformation
74 Deborah Cres
Saskatoon , SK S7J 2W8

Phone: 306-280-8264

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