Aikido & BodyTalk, Energetic Encounter at Teotihuacan

Jul 05, 2013

By Nancy Werner

Aikido & BodyTalk,  Energetic Encounter at Teotihuacan
Teotihuacan, a huge temple complex close to Mexico City, is a  ceremonial site famous since antiquity, revered by the indigenous and many generations of visitors from all over the world.

While visiting there last month with some friends, a beautiful young woman of about 25 years pushed us aside laughing and bustling to the base of the stairs of the huge Pyramid of the Sun.  She bounded up, racing some friends who accompanied her.
My companions and I agreed to wait for our ascent in view of the young woman's erratic behavior,  and the risk of an accident on the steep ceremonial  steps that rise several tens of meters without railings. After a while we climbed to the first terrace of the Temple to enjoy the view and, like all tourists, capture some photos.
Suddenly,  the girl came at us out of nowhere,   yelling and laughing uncontrollably while stripping off her clothes, performing cartwheels and flips very close to the precipice of the Temple while shouting loudly, "I will FLY!  I'm FLYING! "  She attacked with her fists, scratching, kicking,  and shoving anyone who approached to restrain her.
Obviously high on substances, she represented a real danger to herself and to other visitors. She ran and jumped up to the next level of terraces and, by then completely naked,  launched herself about 30 feet down the slope that borders the stairway. Both the public and the security guards stood away from her, aghast.
Already injured and prepared to finally jump off the temple's edge, she caught my eye, and pleaded, "Help me!"
Still keeping a safe distance, I remembered a basic principle of Aikido, "kamae":  remaining stable, and keeping the correct distance between companions, not too close, not too far.

Gently, I extended my arm, offering an open hand. Slowly I approached the precipice of the terrace where the girl was waiting, trapped in her own mania and panic. She grabbed my outstretched hand, and with a slight, quick movement, I firmly grasped her wrist in ikkyo, "first contact."  I spun to align with her further, "kaiten," so she would accompany me to a place  safer for both. I secured her cooperation with a gentle elbow lock udekiimenage, that she did not even feel.  This gave us both the confidence to move on together without being surprised by an attack or reaction against me and the other visitors.
Away from the dangerous slope, we sat with one of her companions and I asked permission to help her with the general energy-balancing technique known in the BodyTalk System as "Cortices."  She agreed and while allowing her friends to dress her, she calmed enough so we could exercise several repetitions of the technique.  Momentarily stable,  she was able to cooperate with security guards who led her to the base and sought the authorities for treatment.  She even joked with me about receiving a ritual cleansing.
Recently I have noticed that "Essential General Balancing" can take many forms.  Sometimes we start with the suggestions in our Basic Protocol, and at others we may use skills and techniques that are peculiar to our own toolboxes in order to prepare a patient, energetically and physically. to receive the benefits of BodyTalk Balancing.
As always,  I am profoundly grateful for the wonderful teachers in both of these disciplines who, in the relative safety of class, bestowed the gift of understanding and using subtle energies in the world of everyday reality.
Nancy Werner, Sr. CBI
Mexico City
June 2013

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